once upon a time there was a really sweet family who lived in oak park, michigan.

once upon a time, long before our heroes enter the story, the city planted a tree in front of each house in their tidy new suburb.

once upon a time, in the not too distant past, the city’s tree spread it roots (as trees sometimes do) and cracked the sewer pipe of the really sweet family in question.

fast forward to when things get good: WE are that really sweet family! we fixed the damage in the flooded basement, dug up the entire front lawn, removed the roots, replaced the sewer pipe (which was damaged by the city’s tree, please remember), and were left with mountainous heaps of dirt where our front lawn used to be.

we did some reading, did some thinking, and decided to use the space from the former front lawn and turn it into a beautiful garden. we had someone make us 5 pretty wood garden beds, and we planted some seeds. we have no gnomes (although i think they are cute), no overgrown wildflowers (nothing against flowers- just not our style), no man-eating plants (although some of our neighbors make me wish we did), and nothing  in any way offensive- unless you count- drum roll, please- now astonished GASP… vegetable plants!

yes, we have trashed the neighborhood by planting such oddities as tomatoes, red peppers, and cucumbers.

we have ruined morale in this fine locale by causing urban blight of mass proportions by planting peas, green beans, and carrots.

we have added insult to injury by putting down MULCH (wood chips, which seem fairly harmless), and even a garden swing.

we were warned by the city’s code enforcement officer, KJ, that we’d better move this monstrosity or face a summons to appear in court. he asked me to just do him a personal favor and move the garden to the back yard. ummm- 5 beds, 6 yards of compost, about 90 plants – but most important of all, ON PRINCIPLE- —-no!!!!

the threatened summons did not appear on the designated day, nor did it appear the next day or the next. we thought maybe they decided to dedicate the very limited resources of the city to more important things. however, we opened our mail tonight and got a nasty-gram from the city.


yep. oak park, michigan has decided to take this fine family to court over our garden.

the saga continues…