apologies for not giving enough background in the first post.

we called the city before we put in the garden beds. we asked the city planner, who is in charge of such zoning things, whether or not we could put raised garden beds in our front yard.

at first, he said that we probably couldn’t- because nobody had ever asked him about it before! he actually said that since nobody had brought it up, that probably meant that we couldn’t do it. so i asked him to look into it.

call #2- he informs me that we cannot put up a fence around the perimeter of our property. ok, but that wasn’t the question. poor guy- he sounded so disappointed! and he told me he’d even looked it up especially to clarify, since he thought that would be my next question! sorry, zoning dude, but that wasn’t my next question- or even the question after that- and i still don’t have a clear answer about the garden beds.

call #3- he still isn’t quite sure, but he has ascertained that the city does allow decorative plantings. he thinks that means flowers, though.

i asked him if the zoning ordinance specified flowers? he says no- but they probably don’t mean vegetables.

does it say no vegetables? i asked.  well, he says… uh, well…. i dunno, but i think they mean flowers.

ok- just to clarify, i say- but they do allow decorative plantings? yep, says he. horray, says i! off to the seed store…