Last year I met with a woman from our community who does homeopathy. At that time she took a complete health history from me, and asked me tons of questions about many aspects of my life to determine what would be the best homeopathic remedy for me. Although I didn’t really believe homeopathy would work (for me or in general), I figured that it definitely wouldn’t harm me in any way, and this way at least I could say I tried it. So I agreed to do the whole shebang (no coffee and no mint, both of which can antidote the remedy), and I suspended my disbelief to see if maybe it could help me in spite of myself.

I tried it 100% and it 100% didn’t help.

After about six or seven months I stopped taking the remedy, even though the woman who I initially consulted with told me that since I had been sick for so long it could take a long time before I saw any improvement. But to not see any change at all just seemed to me like a waste of time; coming from the paradigm of Western medicine where if you take a pill it either works or it doesn’t, I will admit that it’s hard for me to do something for the long hall if I don’t see any overt signs of progress. I could theoretically be experiencing colossal internal changes, but if I don’t see any manifestations of that change I just have trouble sticking with stuff. It may be childish or it may make me very show-me-the-money, but either way, that’s the reality, so I stopped.

A few weeks ago that same woman asked if we could talk again about homeopathy. I was very honest with her about why I stopped last time, and she wondered if, since so much time had passed, perhaps I needed a new remedy. This time, interestingly enough, I was experiencing a perplexing symptom which made me actually want to try homeopathy. This new symptom was about six weeks old, was unlike anything I had experienced before, and was unrelated to any change in medication. I was troubled enough by it that I had resolved that if it continued to get worse I was going to call my neurologist to check for a brain tumor, so it seemed pretty fortuitous that this woman wanted to try homeopathy. If it worked great; if it didn’t work, I could always go for an MRI. Just like before, my feeling was that it certainly couldn’t hurt.

She did the work-up and thought maybe I did need a different remedy, but wanted to talk to her teacher to double-check a few things. What came back was that I needed the original remedy, but in a different potency. So, I will tell you that once again, I believed 100% that it would not work, but at least I could say I tried it.

And within 24 hours I will tell you that I was proven 100% wrong.

The symptom that I had been struggling with for over six weeks shifted so suddenly and so unexpectedly that I was shocked and surprised. I wondered if maybe it was a coincidence or perhaps just a temporary respite. But 48 hours later I was still doing better and it was as if a fog had lifted and a glacier had moved in my life. I still wasn’t totally prepared to commit to the premise that homeopathy was responsible for the changes I was seeing, but it was mighty suspicious timing for it to have been anything else. And no other explanation really made any sense.

If I take a pain pill or an antibiotic, I don’t need to believe in it for it to work. I always put homeopathy in the category of voodoo medicine, where the strength of your belief will determine the strength of your healing experience. If you are super suggestable, you can fall prey to things like mind-reading tricks and gypsy hexes, but if you are scientific, you would never succumb to a “medicine” that has been diluted a gazillion times into a sugar pill (for those of you who don’t know, this is exactly what a homeopathic remedy is- I’m not making fun…). Well, guess what? The homeopathy is working on me, even though I don’t believe at all…

I could chalk it up to ‘You learn something new every day…

Or maybe you have a better explanation???