Today started out like any other, meaning I found several things to be aggravated at. I woke up at 3:45 am and couldn’t fall back asleep, and by 7 I was off and running with my hit list. But what I intended to blog about won’t make it here today, because by a happy accident (but nothing is an accident. really), I picked up an old copy of Reader’s Digest, and found this lovely story from Khurshid A. Guru, MD:

Growing up in Kashmir, the doctor’s grandfather owned an apple orchard. Every time they would walk through the orchard, Khurshid’s grandfather would take the apples that the birds had bitten from and cut pieces from the opposite side to offer to his grandchildren. Khurshid always imagined the grandfather to be miserly, and to not love the grandchildren enough to want them to have the unbitten, more pristine apples.

One day, Khurshid finally asked, “Grandfather, why do you only give us the destroyed apples? Why never the whole ones?” And the grandfather replied something that would shape Dr. Guru’s worldview forever: “The birds would only eat from the sweetest apples, and that is why I give these to you. I know they will be the best!”

From then on Dr. Guru learned never to make assumptions, but to always ask.

I wish each of you a life full of sincere inquiry.

Have a great weekend 🙂