Not since the development of algebra has a way of thinking so captured the world’s imagination. Never before has a group of people been able to defy expectations like this. We westerners have always been told that if you stand up to bullies they will back down, but the Muslims have proved us not only wrong, but hypocritical and liars to boot. So now I say, get with the program and cheer them on.

Why not just be ahead of the pack and route for the winners? All along the Muslims have had a consistent message and they have stayed on point: Do what we like and approve of or we will come for you and make you pay a steep price. Disregard us at your peril. And people who believe in the inherent goodness of humanity went on their merry way and worshipped their own God and drew their own cartoons and made their own movies and guess what? The Muslims came for them and tortured them and beheaded them and did even worse. And I say go, Muslims. Stay true to your cause. You are unstoppable. You are mighty indeed.

People can see that the Muslims have a point- that we really shouldn’t offend them. That we really should all be more sensitive to their unique and special needs. People acknowledge that they do have legitimate grievances. After all, in practically every single country where they live, they have to fight their neighbors for their very existence. If they have conflict with Hindus and Buddhists and Christians and Jews and Bedouins and Kurds and women and gays and random indigenous people and other sects of Muslims it can’t just be them, right? So that proves that everyone has it out for them. Poor misunderstood Muslims 😦

It’s an intolerant world out there.

And that’s why Muslims have to rid it of non-Muslims.

So rather than stand in their way, I think it’s time we supported them. It’s a noble cause they have. All they want is everything. That’s not too steep a price to pay for eternal peace and happiness, is it?

All we have to do is exactly what they want, in exactly they way they want it, and they are even willing to spell it out for us. because that’s the kind of peace-loving and generous kind people they are. They all just want to get along, see?

I’m not sure why we didn’t latch onto this before. Now that my eyes are open, I can see quite clearly. Resistance is futile, and complaining is a waste of time. Why whine about rights or oppression when it’s so much easier to just get with the program and submit? There is a glorious freedom in knowing when to say, “Enough!”.

Does anyone out there get my drift???