While putting away something in the band-aid drawer today, I stumbled on a bit of a horror show.

No, there was no blood trail and no left-behind body part. In my OCD-ishly organized world, a horror show looks like this:

Band-aid wrappers were strewn carelessly about the drawer, long delivered of their internal products and now utterly useless and sad. Empty tubes of both antibiotic ointment and hydro-cortisone creme also littered the drawer, as if some sick and dying vampire had done a midnight raid and sucked out their contents in hopes of staving off both blood-borne infections and itchiness. Broken containers from medical tape were fragmented among the wreckage, for what purpose I can’t even speculate, but clearly the person who both broke it and left it there had something noble in mind because any rational person would not be saving shards of plastic “just because”. Incidentally, there was neither medical tape nor the roll it comes on in the drawer, so I am left with one conclusion: that it looked at its surroundings and made an escape when the vampire opened the drawer. I hope it’s in a better place.

oh. lonely trash... would you like to live in our drawer???

oh. lonely trash… would you like to live in our drawer???

Now here’s the deal in my house: I am the supply chain manager. That means if we run out of something ( a situation which I constantly try to avoid, since I find it intensely anxiety provoking), I need to be notified so I can replace it. In an ideal version of my world, the people inhabiting it would let me know when we were running low and BEFORE we actually run out of it so I could have a new whatever-it-is ready to go before we don’t have the crucial (or utterly superfluous) thing. This way when someone asks me, “Mommy, where is the ______________________________?”, I don’t have to answer, “It’s on the shelf at Target being bought by someone’s mother who knew they were about to run out of it and not someone whose family hides empty things in drawers so they had no idea how much they had left in the house…”

I know that I am asking a lot of people to carry that big heavy empty antibiotic tube all the way out of the bathroom WHEN THEY ARE COMING OUT ANYWAY and just put it in the recycling bin, but I am having a hard time seeing why it is unreasonable to expect them to at least let me know when they have used the last of it. It’s not like they will be in big huge trouble for taking a band-aid or using a piece of tape, but when they use things on the sly, it makes my job harder and makes it more likely that when someone really does need whatever it is, we just won’t have any.

And that’s kind of frustrating.

Can you tell?

I don’t know how to put a system in place that works for everyone, and yet doesn’t have me doing spot inspections of every area of the house like some kind of deranged stalker gone awry. It’s pretty pathetic to think of myself skulking around in the shadows after everyone has gone to bed with a flashlight and a notebook, counting the number of Ritz crackers that are left in the box (That would be zero, by the way- my family also loves to take food and then put back empty containers. Or maybe they just take the food out by doing some sort of convoluted gymnastics that allows them to leave the packages in the cabinets so they never have to actually see that they are taking the last of something, even though they are obviously feeling around. Perhaps it’s all about the plausible deniability…).

look, ma- no eyes!

look, ma- no eyes!

I think this could be a hilarious situation if I was a different person. Do you guys think it’s funny or tragic? Maybe I should be super tech-y and try to add the first-ever poll to the blog (I have a button just sitting enticing on top of this page…).

Advice gladly welcomed 😉