i have been incommunincado for the last several days- hiding out at an undisclosed location somewhere under the mason-dixon line. i have thought briefly a few times about what my upcoming post might be about, since my next one will be my 500th… but then i checked my friend’s blog- the one who was burned- and something WAY more important has come up.

i try as a general rule here not to ask you guys for stuff unless it is really important. i get quickly tired of blogs and groups and even people who are forever asking ” what can you do for me???”

i know that a long while back i posted that a certain farmers market was trying to raise funds to get off the ground. and i definitely asked those of you who pray to say a few words on behalf of my friend dave, who was dying of cancer. but tonight i saw that another friend has set up a fund to pay for my friend and her family to help them through this holiday season (passover, which is incredibly labor intensive, and probably the most expensive time of the year for us), and to assist them with the enormous costs of running her home and the medical treatments that won’t be covered under their insurance. with 10 kids to take care of (the youngest has down’s syndrome) and a husband who is currently cutting down his hours so he can manage the home as well as the children and his wife’s medical needs, you can imagine that the debts are just piling up on top of them.

this is a family that lived EXTREMELY frugally to begin with- no frills and no extras- so it’s not like there’s a lot of fat they can cut out of their budget to tighten their belts. my friend would faint away with humiliation if i told you they lived at the poverty level, but if i told you what they made it in year to support a family of 12 you would never believe it.

so why am i telling you this? because a real person who i know in real life, who is honest and trustworthy has set up a fund to help my friend. i can vouch for her being a stand-up person. and my friend has 100,000 % integrity no question about it. any funds that are raised for her medical needs and to keep her family afloat during this crisis will absolutely go for that purpose- you can have absolute confidence.

on her blog, there is a link to the donation site. i tried multiple times to just post the donation site here, but i’m hopeless with technology and *h is asleep. so, i am putting up the link to her blog. please follow it to the donation page and look at the picture of her in the hospital bed.

and remember to be grateful for what you have.

and no joke, people- even if you can only spare $5- please send it. i know how many people read this blog, and that adds up to a lot of money. and if you have a blog, or a facebook or a facechat or an instagram or a hulugram or an i-phone or whatever young people have nowadays that makes other people look at stuff, please send this on. i know tons of things get drowned out in the overflow of dancing kitty cat videos, but this is real stuff with real people who i actually know- so i can honestly tell you it isn’t a scam… time to shine, people- whatcha gonna do? here’s the link to her blog: