i find that as i get older i am finally getting calmer about appreciating that different people operate in different ways. when i was younger i really felt strongly that my way was more right than other ways, and even if i didn’t say it out loud, i pretty much thought that other options than my own were pretty darn stupid.

i still think this sometimes, and i still say it out loud sometimes, but i have also noticed that i am more often able to make room for other styles to exist in the world and to just notice that people exist in various flavors.

a perfect example of this is what people do to chill out. some people relax by doing yoga and some people meditate. *h runs, which i find confounding, but he actually enjoys it quite a bit and it really seems to help him. i have friends who listen to music or watch comedy videos or go for walks in nature.

i have a good friend who knows me pretty well. he is an ex-military guy who has the whole “defend people who can’t defend themselves” ethic. i love that about him. a while back he brought me a gift that was right up my alley: a rifle with a sweeeeeeeeeeeeet sniper scope mounted on top. and tonight i got to spend some quality time with that baby and it was d-e-l-i-g-h-t-f-u-l.

we’ve had a few hectic weeks around here, and i have discovered a wonderful new show (on amazon prime free videos!) called top shot. what a rush! every season a bunch of marksmen get together and then shoot a bunch of weapons at a bunch of targets until one by one they are eliminated and one of them is still around to claim the title of the top shot. these folks shoot revolvers and rifles and throw knives and hatchets and use slingshots and do all kinds of marksman-type stuff and to say i am envious would be like the understatement of the century. obviously i’m no top-level marksman, but wow…

and then tonight i was full of that squirrel-y energy where you kind of want to cage-fight someone but that clearly can’t happen because, among other things you have baked goods in the oven, so i was all stir-crazy about what to do… and then i remembered my friend’s present. score!

instant calm. cup-o-zen.


i know that not everyone can get on board with this idea of blasting things to smithereens as a way to relax, but i say don’t knock it till you try it.

meanwhile, i feel like i’ve had the best massage ever. i can’t wait to put on my PJs and go to bed. i’m not sure what chemical just got released in my brain, but i wish i could have more of it.

peace through superior firepower, people.