the other night i went to an amazing class with one of my daughters. it was krav maga- an israeli martial art/street fighting technique and i just fell right straight in love.

my daughter has been wanting to go for a while, and i have been thinking it was a great idea. i groove on the idea of people being empowered, and for cute young woman like my daughter to feel safer when she walks down the street is not an insignificant thing. so when this class became available at a time that worked for us, at a price that worked for us (free), and in a setting that worked for us (all women), we jumped at the chance.

one of the teachers started right away telling us that she teaches “commando style”- meaning that she doesn’t believe in learning lots of intricate poses and beautiful stylistic moves; she goes straight to the heart of how to defend yourself against an attacker and how to make yourself a less attractive target, because that’s what you really need. score one big point for this teacher!

after some intense stretching, we got down to business. at each step, the instructors explained not only why we were learning that technique, but why doing it in one particular way gave you an advantage over another. when someone asked a question, they didn’t hesitate to act out different scenarios to give a visual explanation for their answer. we literally watched a tiny little girl (a daughter of one teacher) get “attacked” by the super-tall daughter of another teacher, just to show us how the move we were learning would play out if someone larger than us came at us (a legitimate question in a room full of different sizes of women). it. was. awesome.

similar to what you learn when you go to a gun-safety class, obviously the best defense is to stay aware and to never get attacked in the first place. clearly you don’t want to get cocky because you are now in possession of some kickin’ knowledge and you go looking for trouble. the goal of any confrontation is to get away safely and get away soon (i need to take that class twice ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). but from all of the martial arts classes and “women’s self-defense” classes i have seen, krav maga is by far the best.

for all of the walking and yoga and tai chi and blah blah that i have tried in order to get moving, i can honestly say that krav maga gets my blood going like nothing else. yes, there are certain neurological roadblocks i have to work around, but so what? in real life you have to work with what you have, and if this can keep me up and around instead of feeling sorry about my miniscule life, then i’m gonna keep feeding the addiction.

i’ll let you know how it goes ๐Ÿ™‚