about how i came to name my dog…

i got so many wonderful ideas it was really hard to choose one. i loved a lot of the name suggestions that came in, both here and in real life, and i even tried out some in my mind.

but none seemed to really fit the dog.

the name that i ended up with didn’t exactly fit all of the criteria i put forth here, so my apologies that i led you down the wrong path in finding the name that would stick…

the name that i finally chose hit me with an almost physical sense of “yes!’ and then wouldn’t unstick, even after *h spontaneously said a few hours later, “you know, i really don’t like the name ___________”. after that, i really tried to mentally re-name him (since i hadn’t told anyone out loud any of the names i was considering), but his fate was sealed…

the name he has reflects my journey on this blog, since it began way back in 2011.

the name reflects my path to finally getting a puppy, after so many years of going back and forth about whether i wanted a dog of my own, and whether i would ever find the Right Dog.

the name reflects his inner heroism and the transformative power of a little ball of fluff to make a renegade into a puddle of warm mush.

the name reflects who i’ve been and who i am and who i am still in the process of becoming- and somehow this all comes together when i hold my tiny new puppy. and instead of feeling torn up about it, he smooths over those rough edges and makes me feel calm.

the name reflects the story that has unfolded here, and the story that i have been able to tell because you have listened, and the stories that are still to come. he is the promise of good things in the future and the remembrance that it was worth it all to get here.

grant led me to his name without realizing it (so a big thank you to grant!!!), when he wrote the following comment:

“He deserves an Epic name.”

i agree, grant.

and that’s why his name is epic.

have i told you guys i love my new dog???