here are some pics of the best birthday present i ever got. he’s a pound and a half of manly man who needs a manly name, and i am looking for ideas. right now i am calling him sid vicious, my daughter is calling him biter, and we have had a few random thoughts from friends (some kinda cool), but i haven’t found The Name that really fits him… so, i am asking you all for your best creative suggestions. check him out and see if anything jumps out at you, and keep in mind that he will grow into a giant 7-ish pounder 😉

i am looking for something that is:

1- macho
2- unique (ish)
3- cool
4- ironic in that it is tough/hard. clearly this guy is an adorable silky ball of white and creme fur so i want a name that screams out, ” i could break you in two just by looking at you if i wanted to!” yeah, ironic…
5- me-ish. a name where when you hear it you are like, “oh yeah, that’s julie bass’s dog. of course. hahahaha!”