wow- looking back to my last post and seeing the date is a painful reminder that it’s been a loooooong time since i last posted. in fact, this is the longest i’ve ever been away from the blog since i started writing. i hope that doesn’t ever happen again.

my plants are chugging along in the way only seattle plants seem to- which means they are in a state of sort of suspended animation. they grow painstakingly slowly, leading me to believe for weeks at a time that they may have gone into some kind of dormancy, only to grow like 8 inches overnight when it rains. we will have no buds on something and then within 24 hours we will have full-on mini-fruits. i thought i had killed things by refusing to water them (stubborn me, but who waters plants when you live in seattle where it is supposed to rain all the time? so i would wait each day for rain to come, only to be the only one in seattle who was mad it didn’t rain!), but then they would come back to life as soon as we got some moisture. and then the chickens would nibble them to pieces. so there ya go- an ecosystem at work 😉

a few times i have contemplated phasing out some of my older chickens and getting in some younger chickens (after all, we did start out as folks who got chickens for their eggs…), but my heart just wasn’t in it. madge was always the logical choice for retirement since she is the oldest, but first off, who can resist a chicken named madge? and second, when we got madge, she had been “de-beaked” 2 owners back. for those of you who don’t know about this, it’s a way that some people cut down on birds pecking each other by kind of shearing off part of the bird’s top beak. some snip and some use heat, but the chicken ends up with a blunted shortened top beak, and oddly i find this so endearing on poor old madge that it makes me want to hug her and protect her. how can you get rid of a chicken that has had multiple previous owners and had her beak hacked up? plus, her personality is really sweet, she is easy to get along with, and she has this great wobbly comb on top of her head that just cracks me up. so i think it’s safe to say that madge is staying.

the next chicken choice would be agnes, who has turned into a rather huge waddling creature. she is the gold-laced wyandotte that my youngest son picked out with *h. they have no attachment to her at all, and i can’t say i really blame them. there is nothing about her that really stands out, other than her girth (which is vaguely reminiscent of jabba the hut…), but her personality is mostly beige. she lumbers over to get food, then staggers away. she could be the grand dame of the flock if she cared enough, but i think she just can’t be bothered to expend the energy. but here is where is come to the philosophical reality of chicken ownership that seems at this point inescapable: short of a glaring problem with one of my girls, once i own a chicken, i just won’t part with her.

so there. i’ve said it. ok, my secret is out and my egg operation is officially tainted by sappiness. sheesh. it is what it is. i guess.

i’ve had a rough-ish time with pain and medication adjustments, but i don’t really want to dwell on that. i’ve had some of my kids go away for the summer, and some of my kids are now back. all in all, i can’t believe how quickly the summer is flying by. we got some absolutely delicious blueberries the other day, and they are from purewal blueberry farms in BC, canada- so if they have them where you live, for sure try some 🙂

and now i am feeling rushy rushy to get off the computer and interact with my kids. what started out to be a leisurely catch-up post is turning into not that, but i’m hoping to be back, and if not better than ever, at least somewhat as good 😉

i hope you are all having an awesome summer!