i know you are all on the edge of your seat for this one…

okay, maybe not really so much.

in the truest spirit of the oak park hates veggies blog, i wanted to give the prize in the garden give-away to mordy for the following idea:

Most lawn eradicated.

how priceless is that???

but then i thought about how much fun we could have with this idea from deb seymour:

Funniest Thing In Your Garden

i am such a major sucker for things like tacky garden statuary and such that this almost HAD to win! in fact, when i saw literally the most hideous metal bird sculpture thing at target a few weeks ago i made my kids promise that if it lasts until after garden season and goes on clearance, that they MUST buy it for me for an early birthday present! and this from a woman who hates- no, abhors!, clutter and knickknacks… but, i digress…

all of the other ideas were so good that frankly i thought about just calling it a draw and sending everyone some seeds, but A) didn’t you always hate it when you were in grade-school and you tried really hard at something and then the teacher just gave everyone the same reward? i did. and B) i thought it would be difficult to then run said contest and declare a winner, since we would in fact have multiple streams of contests and that would have just become a train-wreck…


without further beating around the bush, but with strong recognition that you all gave some great ideas (mom-speak for ‘you are all winners in my book!‘ hahahahahaha)-

i am going to have to say that the winner of the garden give-away is: Maryann. she came up with this gem:

Make it a kids’ garden. One where they are doing the work and designing it.

so, this may be tough, since i personally don’t even know of any kids’ gardens. but if you do, you can submit them here! i know this is very chic in elementary schools these days, so perhaps your local school has one? sleuth it out and you could win the next fabulous prize! maybe it will be an ugly bird statue from target! i don’t even know what it will be, but i- and my readers- are full of surprises ๐Ÿ™‚

so, consider this the official announcement for the next contest:

send photos of or articles about or a description of a kids’ garden that you know of. maybe it’s a community thing or maybe it’s your own cute kid(s)! hey, nepotism has to count for something, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

i know it’s spring and you want to be outside enjoying the weather, but NO! sit at your computer and submit to this blog instead!!! (notice the elegant use of the double entendre???)

hahahaha ๐Ÿ™‚

can’t wait to hear from you!