check out this baby!:


this came to me courtesy of chandanimane, over at a person i am flattered/stunned/floored/overwhelmed/etc- to not even know! (not because i don’t think she would be great to know, but because this means she really likes my writing, and not that she just feels bad for me in real life and is throwing me a bone…)

yes, so a random stranger likes my blog enough to nominate me for an award! wow…

this is especially cool on numerous fronts, some of which i will perhaps share here if i prattle on long enough. but suffice it to say that although i have truly no idea about what this award represents (in spite of trying my best several times to understand it…), i am giddy with excitement about receiving it!

you are supposed to do several things when you get this award. one is to write an acceptance speech, which i will try to tackle in a second. another is to nominate other blogs, which may take me another few days to get on top of (in spite of the fact that it has already taken me an embarrassing amount of time to even post this award. sometimes i am on my game, and sometimes not so much, huh?). and last is to re-post the rules of the award, which means i have to cut-and-paste, which sometimes works for me and sometimes not really. so we’ll all be privy to the results of that experiment about the same time… wish me luck (!).

on one of the many links i clicked on to try to figure out this award, you can watch like a gazillion famous people giving acceptance speeches to get ideas for your own. it will become obvious very soon (perhaps painfully so) that i did not click on those links. sometimes ignorance is bliss, and sometimes it is just ignorance.

which actually is a great intro for the first person i should really thank for this award (and i seriously did not plan saying any of that ahead of time- hahahaha)- but i should really thank kevin rulkowski, the city planner of oak park, michigan. without his dictatorial governing style and complete lack of media savvy i may never have had a well-known blog. i started out as just a suburban mom who made a blog to get advice about dealing with a city violation about a garden. within hours of his televised interview, not only was “suitable” the most looked up word on (no, i am not making that up- and it stayed in the top few words that entire week!), but i had tens of thousands of new online friends from all over the world! πŸ™‚

next, i want to thank chandanimane. although i don’t know who you are, or how you found my blog, or why in the world you think i live in the moment when i am so clearly a tortured soul (hahahahahaha)- i LOVE that you gave me an award and i LOVE that it came with a badgey thing i could put on my blog and i LOVE that thanks to you i am now the queen of the world and currently possess the power to bestow this award on other people πŸ™‚ seriously, very awesome, and i am very grateful πŸ™‚

in the vein of a real speech i would have to thank my kids for allowing me endless hours to deal with my blog in real life and *h for allowing me even more time to obsess over it in my head. i know i take away a lot from them in order to have this blog, but i’d like to think i come away with a lot too, and that makes me a better person when i go back to them in the end. sometimes, though, i just shout at them to leave me alone and let me finish my post. so for those times, i will thank them for their patience, and i will hope that when they realize how important i now am, that it will all be worth it. maybe this will sway the acceptance people at swanky universities and such, and will smooth the life-paths for all of my kids, and they will one day call out, “dearest mother! thank you indeed for spending time on your wonderful blog! look at all of the pay-offs there have been for us! we are so very grateful to you for raising us in a city that hated veggies!”

maybe not, but i never dreamed of winning a best moment award either, did i???

i would thank all the people who came before me, and all the people who inspired me, and on and on ad nauseam, but i have limited adjectives and i know some of you are reading this on very small screens, so i will cut this all short (you’re welcome, phil πŸ˜‰ ).

here’s the part where i try to cut-and paste:

RULES of the Best Moment Award:

Winners re-post this completely with their acceptance speech. This could be written or video. Winners have the privilege of awarding the next awards! The re-post should include a NEW set of people/blogs worthy of the award; and, winners, notify them the great news!


What makes a good acceptance speech?Get an idea from the great acceptance speeches, compiled in
Gratitude. Thank the people who helped you along the way
Humour. Keep us entertained and smiling
Inspiration. Make your story touch our lives
Display the award’s badge on your blog/website, downloadable in