okay, technically i am not giving away a garden, but thanks to blog reader jamie’s great suggestion, i am doing a little garden-y give-away…

the last few weeks have been insane around here. my community has been going through some stuff, which i will probably post about at some point, but it’s been sucking away my brain space. so, sorry for the absence from the blog.

the good news is, i thought i would come back with jamie’s idea, and that is to do a contest of some sort and to award a prize (yay!!! who doesn’t love prizes?!?!?!?!?). the first contest, since my brain is on hiatus, will be to ask you to come up with an idea for a contest (hahahaha- evil blog laugh! it’s a long-standing teacher trick to pass off your work onto other people while making them like it! straight outta tom sawyer and huck finn… anyone want to paint a fence???)

anyway, the coolest idea wins a prize package of delightful seeds. they are either organic or heirloom or both (depending on the individual packet) and all are non-GMO. since they come from botanical interests, and some were gifted to me, i think it’s only fair to include them as a co-sponsor of this contest 😉

you will receive:

sweet meat winter squash
delicata honey boat winter squash
napoletano basil
italien red of florence onion bunching/scallion
kentucky wonder pole beans
crimson giant radish
carnival blend carrots (these are SO pretty!)
confetti california poppies
there is a fair chance that as i look at my seed collection, this list will grow, but i promise you that you will get at least this many for your prize 🙂

and if the mood strikes me, i may even include a surprise of my own…

obviously i will like all of your ideas, but i will be forced to choose just one…

so, think on it a bit, and then hit me up. if you had a blog and could do a garden-ish give-away, what would your contest be???? and don’t forget to thank jamie! 🙂