here i am still without a working computer, but luckily able to borrow time on my daughter’s. we currently have 4 teenagers and 2 adults and exactly one working computer with internet access, so you can imagine that the routine has been different from our usual…

here is the part where i should tell you how beautiful it all is, and how we have grown so much closer as a family. without the distraction of technology, we have been able to really connect with each other and build meaningful human relationships that just weren’t possible when we were all glued to screens all the time.

but honestly, it’s just been a pain.

we are a close and very human family even with working computers.

we sit down to dinner every single night, and we actually have conversations with each other. one day a week, we turn off our cell phones and computers and other technologies and take a break from that anyway. so to have several computers out of commission at once is just a headache for us. i have still been able to check the blog a bit, and was quite happy to see that, once again for some inexplicable reason, people have been checking out the open letter ( this always makes me feel very energized about the future because it invariably brings a wave of new people who stand up and care and want to do something.

and that’s very cool.

speaking of doing things, *h was a big hero this weekend and put up chicken-fencing around the garden beds so i can do more planting. i got the first seeds in the ground the other day, and it was all i could do to keep the more curious of the chickens from digging them straight up! i guess they thought i was playing some wonderful new game with them or something, where i would hide goodies and then they would have to scratch around until they uncovered the treasure… maybe this really is a long-standing chicken party game that everyone knows about except for me and i just missed that part when i was reading all the books???

i also have to try to curb my enthusiasm a bit and remember that most things need to wait for warmer weather to get planted. i was so behind in my garden stuff that now i feel like i am playing catch up… but, i will have to just chill a bit and learn some patience. ahhhhhhhhhhhh… life lessons…………

i built a crazy-looking trellis-y sort of thing out of some salvaged wooden frames that i scavenged from craigslist. i am hopeful that we will get a bumper crop of peas, since everyone here keeps telling us that peas grow like crazy in washington. that would be great, since we can devour more peas than a hoard of hungry locusts 🙂

we still have a bit of the compost pile left in the middle of the driveway, which the chickens think is the most spectacular thing ever. when i give them food now, i just dump it on top of the mountain, and they all scramble around as it tumbles down the sides. it’s like an avalanche of happiness and it’s a joy to watch!

have i mentioned lately that i love my chickens?

they make me so happy 🙂

my daughter took some photos, so i will try to post them soon.

and that’s about all the news from this side of the keyboard.

isn’t it funny how, even without a computer, nothing earth-shattering is happening???