one of the more interesting project ideas to come from the urban farm book i read recently is to grind our own grain.

as with most things i come up with, *h thinks this is completely off the wall. this is usually his initial reaction when i bring up something new, and it takes him a while before the idea settles into a more comfortable place in his sensibility. then we can have a discussion about where i got this crazy idea and why i think it’s something we might benefit from and want to do.

since flour is readily available and cheap, this one will be a tough sell. also, we have the added disadvantage of not ever having tasted freshly-ground flour. so, while i believe in a theoretical sense that it might taste better in some way, i really have no concrete proof of that, and i certainly can’t point to an experience we have had and say to *h, “remember when we had that ______________________ how yummy it was?” i know it’s healthier, both because of what it has and because of what it doesn’t. i love the idea of being more in control of the processing of our food and more in control of what goes into it.

i think it would be great to have a store of grain that we could grind as needed, but the initial cost of a decent-quality grinder is no joke. so we would have to be serious about it if we were to buy one. there is also the very real consideration of the space that storing grain will take up in the house, so this isn’t a small commitment.

so, as with most of my major decisions these days, i’m going to put it out there to you (since i trust all of you way more than some random strangers in cyberspace 😉 ): do you have any experience with grain mills? do you have any input here? i know know there are two styles of grain mills, so do you prefer one over the other, and if so, why? (we would get electric, although i like an option for manual. i am talking about the mechanism for grinding…) you can even tell me what kind of grain you like for which uses, although i am pretty sure we would stick to wheat, at least initially, and i think i am pretty clear on which we would need for bread and which we would need for other baked goods- but i am always open to learning more- and you guys are great teachers!

i’ll need lots of info before i go back to *h for our discussion, so have at it! (please) 🙂