we had an interesting guest the other day and he had a lot to say about the power of positive thinking.

much of what he said was things i had heard in other forms, about the energy you create when you have a positive or negative mindset, but he also talked about the very real ability of that energy to actually affect other people. he wasn’t talking about how if you are in a bad mood you will make people around you sad. he wasn’t saying that happy people make other people happy by spreading joy.

he was saying something that i can best articulate by nibbling around the edges of it and telling you very poor approximations of what he was saying.

i’ve heard people say that what you fear you create. i thought that was very powerful, and this was a part of what he was talking about. so the psychology part of that is that you will be so obsessed with what you fear that you will actually bring about a situation where that thing is involved in your life. but the energy part of it is that you will actually create a vibe (or a vibration or a frequency or a wave or however you want to think of it)that creates bad in the world. and it will be drawn to you because you were the originator of that badness. you were the dr. for frankenstein’s monster, so to speak.

on the other side, there is positive. unlike pop-psych, where you spread joy because it’s just a feel-good thing to do, he was talking again about a much more esoteric kind of thing. if you can be in a positive state of mind, positive things will happen because there will be actual molecular changes going on in the universe.

i have seen videos where people have done certain meditations near water and it has caused the molecules to align differently under a microscope. it’s freaky stuff, but just because it’s not the western way of understanding things doesn’t mean it isn’t real.

so i’ll ask you all to suspend your disbelief for a few minutes.

this morning someone we know was finding out about a job he applied for. he was pretty sure he wasn’t going to get it, for a whole host of reasons (some perhaps valid, and some not so much). he had been talking up all of the reasons why he was probably going to hear bad news today, and was all set to put the final nail in the coffin. but this morning we talked, and the words of this guest were fresh in my head. so i told this person, “even if you can’t be positive about getting this job, think positive things that have to do with the job. think about all the reasons you wanted it and why you applied for it. what were the good aspects of the job that you wanted to do? keep these in your mind so that the energy you are putting out all day as far as this job is concerned is just all positive. if you can’t rally yourself to believe you will get the job then don’t let yourself think about that part of it. just think about how much you like the guy who interviewed you. remember everything that excited you about it.”

a few hours later he was offered the job.

now obviously he was qualified for it.

obviously he had interviewed well and they had already decided before today to make him this offer, so rationally we can say that his “energy” of this morning couldn’t really have mattered.

or could it?

this morning i decided i needed to really get in gear about getting some pallets for the garden. i also wanted some discarded windows to make a cold frame, but i didn’t want to drive all over the place. i thought about that (this was not a conscious thing, by the way, because i am not on this level of grooviness yet) for a while and then went on the computer and found- about 5 blocks away from my house- exactly the right number of pallets to fit in my car, and several discarded windows, all from the same house. the man who was giving them away even came out of the house and offered to help me load them. oh, and i got an awesome wood box that will be great either for compost or as a planter box. score!

now, i will say that it’s very easy to be positive when things are going well. it’s much harder to get on board with this when things are tougher. but my pain levels have been off the charts lately, so this bit of sunshine has been much appreciated, and i’m happy to have some nice things to reflect on.

i don’t know how much our energy really does affect the world and how much we see things that reinforce the perceptions that we already hold of things. but i do know that trying to stay in a positive state of mind certainly can’t hurt.

so far it’s gotten a job and a bunch of garden goodies, so that’s a win in my book!