thanks for all of your great responses to the last few posts!

i’ve read some wonderful books over the last few days and they made me realize some of what i had been missing. in my quest for knowledge knowledge knowledge, i had overlooked one very basic premise which i seem to constantly have to revisit in my life.

and that is the concept of balance.

i was just packing in the info about the dangers of this and that and feeling almost in a frenzy to warn people and have, like, this super blog of relevant information and i really lost sight of how great it feels to be in the zone of striving for better things- and YES! exactly as some of you so rightly pointed out- not from a position of fear…

and i think that is so critical right now. because it’s so easy to tip into that fear-based mentality. our food is tainted and our water is maybe sketchy and there is a hobgoblin under every rock. so it’s tough to stay in a mindset of just doing your best and creating a positive reality.

the most recent book i read is the urban farm handbook. although a lot of the content is specific to the pacific northwest (and even more specific to the seattle area in terms of resources), it is a pretty good book written by two people about their journey (each separate) to become more food self-sufficient. one of them is a bit preachy at times, but reading the book was a great study of the possible.

and that was like a mental reset button for me.

it was like a forehead slap “AHA!” moment.

one foot in front of the other. just do what you can, when you can, how you can.

oh, right. i can do this.

you can do this.

so, yes, i need to stay informed about the world, but i also need to stay plugged in to the idea that there are people out there who have done what i would like to do. they have taken the steps that i would love to take and i can learn from them and maybe learn from their mistakes and maybe walk in the path they’ve created so my journey will be just that much easier.

because you don’t have to blaze your own trail in every direction for it to count.

and that is also a lesson for me to learn.

right now i’m feeling very jazzed about getting some plants into the ground. believe it or not, i’m borderline giddy at the thought of getting busy in the dirt again! i’m excited about connecting with seattle tilth and going to some really exciting classes through the city of seattle. i am trying to get *h warmed up to the idea of us starting to grind our own grain, so we’ll see how that goes… the chickens are well and happy and very much enjoying the new greenery and bugs everywhere around. i’m struggling with lots of lots of intense pain, so that isn’t awesome, but so far i’ve been managing on that front too.

so, life is good.

in spite of what is going on in the bigger world, in my world there is cheesecake in the oven. i made the kids pizza for lunch and i am making them sweet and sour chicken for supper, so i get to be a hero, at least for the day (hahahahaha). i haven’t given up, although it was pretty touch-and-go there for a while. i’m glad i had all of you out there to tie a knot onto the end of my rope and remind me of why it was worth it to hang in there…

and now, friends, i’m off to tackle the rest of the day. thanks for being a life-preserver when i’m not floating so well on my own…

have a great day 🙂