this post kind of piggy-backs on the last one, and even though i got some great feedback which almost makes this one irrelevant, i’m going to post this anyway.

i’ve played with this idea many times, but it’s bubbled up much more frequently lately so i thought i would mull it over in public…

as a person of faith (if you are an atheist, or someone who hates religious posts, hang in there with me because you just might love this one…), i officially believe that God is in charge. there is an expression that i have heard credited both to alcoholics anonymous and to the amish that if a problem is too small to take to God then it’s too small to worry about. there’s another one that if God takes you to it, then God gets you through it.

so lately, with all my worrying about the state of the world, part of my resolve was just to let God sort it all out.

but then, because i try to be intellectually honest (even in private), i wondered if i truly meant that, or if it was just my way of throwing my hands up and giving up trying as hard.

perhaps i was just being a fatalist and kind of saying ‘whatever‘ to the universe.

so maybe my big talk about trusting God was really just a thin veneer for losing faith in humanity.

and that got me to wondering:

if you are a person of religious faith- what exactly keeps you plugged in and hopeful?

and if you are a non-religious person, how do you keep from getting down about the state of things?

i had so many great ideas from comments in the last section that i almost hate to ask this again, but i’d love to hear feedback on this. there is such a fine line between doing our part and having faith that God will do the rest and just saying, “oh well, there’s only so much i can do” and giving up (in other words, never pushing yourself beyond that comfort zone…). there has to be some level of striving beyond what is thought to be possible, but in order to do that, you need some belief in the possible.

the possible has to be possible!

can you tell i’m overtired?

but seriously, you have to believe that what you are doing can make a difference, or why bother. right?

that’s why i write this blog.

that, and i like to blather on and on and have other people read it 😉

okay- it’s really time for me to end this post, but i promise that next time i will try to have some *real* content.

so, your turn- please answer questions from above!