in the last few weeks i have felt like there isn’t a lot to post about. that’s pretty odd, considering the news is overflowing with stories on GMO foods and regulations and monsanto being up to no-good. laws have been debated, and (sadly) passed. petition drives have been mounted and re-mounted, and still i just haven’t felt like i could say anything intelligent or articulate about any of it.

i wanted to keep you up-to-date, and i wanted to be a good source of information for you- also, i wanted to stay motivated to be on top of all of it myself. but i just couldn’t muster the mental energy to read all of the articles and listen to all of the interviews.

so, i did a lot of housework and had a lot of guests and posted pics of chickens wearing shawls.

and here i am now with something weird to say.

it’s weird because i feel like people who blog about the issues i do should be encouraging and inspiring. i feel like a lot of what *we* do should lead the way to show people what can be possible for them.

but i have come to a new conclusion.

it seems to me more and more that yesterday’s conspiracy theorists are today’s prophets.

it seems more and more that the world is well and truly going crazy.

there are so many inexplicable things that are happening- actually happening- that i never would have believed had i read them in a futuristic novel, and it just takes my breath away. from freakish engineered foods to huge companies being allowed to dominate and control our government in ever-more overt ways, this world is getting more and more frightening.

for a time i was very convinced that if i could just plan well enough i could keep my family afloat through a crisis. we could grow and store food and basic necessities. i have medical supplies on hand and some rudimentary skills to use them. we would be able to defend our home and our children. i have lots of books and articles and resources about how to take care of things should things fall apart.

but now i feel like it would just buy us a bit more time until we had to face the same end as everyone else.

so, regardless of what that end would be- regardless of what your doomsday scenario looks like- i don’t think we would be avoiding it by preparing.

so, really, why bother?

not to be a big huge downer, but why would i store up food and ammo and supplies and protect my stash from maurauding hoards only to delay the inevitable?

i’ll still plant a garden, because i enjoy it and i think it’s the right way to feed my family in the here and now.

i’ll still keep medical supplies on hand because i think it’s a prudent thing to do.

i still want to be able to protect us today and tomorrow, but i’m not really under any illusion that if the government decided to come and round us all up that we could be victorious in some giant valiant stand against them.

and that’s an awful place to be.

it’s calm, but it’s also resigned and somewhat defeated.

i want to feel hopeful and strong, but right now i feel more realistic and glum.

when the craziest of the conspiracy folks are the most right on target in predicting the news, we are in some trouble for real.

what do you do to counteract this?