the last week has been a whirlwind of activity getting ready for some really exciting company! i have lots of family coming into town, so i’ve been doing lots of cooking and freezing so i can (hopefully) spend more time with them and less time in the kitchen when they are actually here.

on the farm front, i found someone to take away the bushes from the front of the house.

not only this, but she is excited about it! yes, she loves rhododendrons, and when she asked me why i would be willing to give them up, i told her i wanted to plant vegetables instead. she sort of guiltily said, “oh, i like food too, but i really like flowers!” and then she did this adorable giggle. so, hey, she got bushes that are making her really happy and i got garden space in front of my house. yay! i LOVE win/win deals!

a few days ago i was in a parking lot and someone saw my bumper sticker and said, “wow, cool. ‘grow food, not lawns’ i like that!” each one teach one. the revolution grows quietly, one carrot at a time. and i felt really proud and happy, like the message is getting out there, and people are opening their minds to a new way of thinking about things. the winds of change are blowing, and i love that.

*h and i had a date to a farm co-op and bought a few bales of straw, which was fun for me (less so for him, but he was a good sport about it all…). we now have straw on our front porch waiting for me to distribute around the chicken area, prior to the company arriving (hopefully), but every time i pass it i give myself a mental high five. i’m like, “yeah! this is where i want to be! go, us!” i’m so excited to put on my muck boots every day and go out to the chickens it’s almost sick. we (i) bought them some live mealworms at the co-op and they were so giddy about it i thought about trying to find a bait-and-tackle store to buy them a bucket of real worms they could munch on 😉

only two of the new girls are laying, even though two more of them should be, so that’s something i might address after my guests leaves, but overall the chux are well. one of the younger ones had an eye thing, but it seems to be clearing up. agnes and marisol are no longer sneezing, thanks to a little apple cider vinegar in their water (can’t remember if i shared that magical cure with you or not, so i thought i would post it here…), and everyone is mostly getting along. we have the usual pecking order stuff, which i try hard not to notice (even though i do give the two younger ones their own piles of food so the bigger ones won’t bother them- but then the bigger ones run over and try to eat the new pile. sigh…)

as the bushes come out and the chickens continue to turn the soil for me, though, a vision is really starting to take shape of my mini-homestead, and i’m really getting excited about it. it’s like spring fever, but on another level.

it’s raining here in seattle, but i’m really looking forward to getting out in the dirt again. i’m gazing longingly at my seed packets and sorting and re-sorting them like i’m trying to solve a puzzle. since i looked at the photos of jamie’s garden, i’m remembering the good things about the detroit garden for the first time in a long time, and it’s making me really nostalgic. i have friends who have already started seedlings, and every time they talk about it, i feel a sense of panic and dread, like i missed the window, or like i messed up, but i am trying to be calm and just remind myself that i will do my best and see how things turn out.

i will plant my seeds this year as an experiment and as act of faith, and we’ll see what grows.

after all, to a certain extent, isn’t that what we all do?