yet again, i am pondering the inanity and insanity of a world where people on the left think they have the only rational and noble positions, and people on the right think those on the left are a bunch of idiots.

during my garden woes, i had people on the left who strongly supported me, in what was a clear case of standing up for healing the earth and fighting for ecologically sound principles.

i had equally passionate people on the right who had my back against a government run amok against its own citizens, fighting for my property rights and my right to be free from governmental tyranny.

each side thought the other was a bit off the mark, and my head was too involved in staying out of jail to think much beyond gratitude for both sides for their kind words and righteous actions.

since then, a number of issues have come up where i have felt like i have been disloyal to one side or the other, and to be quite frank with you, that sort of trips me out. because as much as i truly appreciate the fact that people were TOTALLY there for me during the garden saga, i’m not sure how that should translate into having a lifelong allegiance to someone else’s political positions.

recently, good friends of ours informed us (through my daughter) that they would no longer come to our house because we own guns. never mind the fact that their children are about as likely to have an accident with our safely stored, locked, and hidden weapons as they are to be struck by lightning (probably actually less, but i don’t have those numbers at hand…). never mind the fact that, statistically, our children are many times more likely to be injured by a car and by their logic i should prevent my family from visiting theirs since they have multiple vehicles out in the open, which are just as likely as my guns to spontaneously activate themselves and cause accidents… but, apparently we are those people– right-wing gun nuts. so be it, i guess…

other friends shake their heads at us and think we have lost our minds when we mention eating organic food or drinking raw milk. they think we have gone all “crunchy” and are hippy dippy lefties. clearly we have no capacity to make intelligent choices, preferring instead to believe the propaganda of other hippy dippy people in our “clique” rather than eat “normal” food like “everybody else”. when they see magazines like mother earth news on my bookshelves, or hear that i am a homebirth advocate, they are very quick to dismiss lots of what i have to say, assuming that i am not well-informed and that i just do things because i perceiveΒ  them to be cool. although i have lots of great information to back up what i say, they aren’t interested in hearing any of it. their minds are made up; i’m crazy and that’s all there is to it. so be it, i guess…

we once had a guest over, back when *h worked in publishing in detroit, who was very surprised to hear my views on multiple topics. over the course of a meal (which i made in my own kitchen, from scratch, probably barefoot and pregnant at the time), we discussed politics, science, and educational philosophy. he confessed to being very surprised that i was “nothing like the typical homeschooling mom”, but when i asked him how many homeschooling moms he knew, he told me none personally. but when i asked him what he thought a homeschooling mom was like, he sure had plenty to say. he had lots and lots of ideas, and i don’t know if any of them were on target because i only knew who i knew. he wasn’t describing anyone i had ever met, but he did tell me that most of the “highly educated” people he knew shared his views on us “alternative types”… so be it, i guess…

i could go on and on, enumerating positions where i am in this box on the left and that box on the right. it drives some people mad and makes some people crack up. i am just me and i don’t see any logical inconsistencies in that. i try to think things through pretty deeply before i come up with a position, and if i get new information, i am almost always willing to consider it :0

yes, it’s shocking that i admitted to the “almost”, right?

oh, well- i am who i am…

and that’s part of the point.

part of my being very flawed and very human is that i really want people to like me. i want every comment on every post to be like, “wow, julie! you totally rock and you are so great and i just love everything you say!” i secretly want to be invited to speak at wherever and i love when people want to interview me because even though i desperately want to be above it all i am a total egomaniac (who isn’t???). i can’t stand having my photo taken or published- that’s for real- but if you want to get me talking i can barely shut up. so be it, i guess…

but another part of me, quite honestly, is over the whole people-pleaser thing. i have learned that even if i was to somehow write the perfect post, someone would find fault with it. i could write about creating rainbows and curing cancer and someone would tell me about what an awful person i was for messing with nature and how battling cancer made them a better stronger person and now i was depriving people of that growth experience against their will. so be it, i guess…

so for now, at least, i’m sticking to the story that this is still my blog and i’m just going to be the best person i can be. i’m gonna tell you the truth as i see it, and if you have more information about something that can enlighten me, then go ahead and shine some light.

really, i’m open to learning.

i’m not a closed-minded lefty and i’m not a closed-minded righty.

and in general, i don’t believe you are either.

so let’s not prove each other wrong.