i know i have mentioned this before, but someone in cyberspace was kind enough to take the gardening letter and start a petition over at change.org. i’m not sure how he decided on the number of people he wanted to sign it, or what, if anything, will happen when he gets to that number, but we were going strong for a bit and then things kind of dropped off. i would really like to make another push toward the finish line and just blow this thing out of the water! so, can i ask you guys to really pass it along and round up some sympathetic folks and ask them to sign?  i would love it if we could get a gazillion signatures, and i would double love it if we could get someone with a real gift for verbage to start a petition at the whitehouse site. i hear that if you get enough signatures over there, the president has to address your request; maybe we could ask for michelle’s input instead 😉

here is the link to the change.org petition. let’s get busy with our groovy contacts and pass it on!