i was thinking about this quote from the last post a lot last night.

i was thinking about it because it really bothered me.

i was thinking about it because, unless someone is doing something they have a reason to suspect is shady or somehow wrong, they probably wouldn’t be in doubt about doing something as simple and beautiful as planting a plant.

as i said, unless they are doing something shady or wrong… which is pretty self-explanatory, so let’s just be clear that is not what i am talking about…

but i think that a normal person, under normal circumstances, would and should, safely assume, that planting an innocent plant would be an innocent activity.

so, why would you be in doubt?

why would you think you have to ask?

and who the heck should you ask?

if i want to put a tomato plant in my own yard- be it in the front or in the back- why is that anyone else’s concern?

if i think squash has particularly lovely flowers, then who are you to judge that they aren’t?

i happen to think that most roses are quite ugly, and most people would agree that their thorns are extremely unpleasant, but if you want them in your yard then i think that is pretty much your own darn business.

and most other people would too.

so why the double standard when it comes to cucumbers?

nobody would really think to say with a straight face, “before you think about planting tulips, you’d better check with the city council and make sure they are allowed near your driveway!”

so why do we think that is acceptable when it comes to onions?

if i have an evergreen bush near my front door and i  want to prune it, i don’t need to poll my neighbors and make sure it meets with their approval, so why do i feel like i need to do that if i want to put in some raspberry bushes?

i am feeling so done with that non-logic.

forgive me, but i am needing to decompress right now from all of the garden hate in the world.

but now i’m feeling better. i’m dreaming about tearing up some bushes out front and growing some more useful crops. i plan to pitch it *h over the weekend.

wish me luck!