due to a huge response lately from people out there reading this story and asking for a petition, here it is! thank you to jacob perillo, whoever you are (yes, i will google you and try to find out… 😉   ) for creating it, after you mysteriously yet graciously posted my open letter on your site and got lots of folks to notice this blog. also, it has been posted on a few facebook pages, like grow food, not lawns (i will just remind all of you that i don’t have a facebook account, so i can’t access those pages or comment on them, so sorry if i am missing stuff on them- i’m not dissing anyone on purpose…).

this would also be a good time to say that the open letter (if you aren’t familiar with it, it’s written on the petition page that is linked here) was intended as a template to allow you to write a letter of your own or to start a dialogue. you should take that letter and do with it what you see fit. cut and paste it. use it exactly as it is if you want. mail it to your local news media or people in government or use it as a topic for the high school debate club. make this something that people discuss and see where it goes. send out one copy or a hundred. make petitions of your own. get it noticed. the problem is that tyranny flourishes in dark corners. so let’s shine some light on this issue. if you get any feedback, i would love to hear about it! if you can let me know, i would be happy to post what happens. until then, let’s keep on growing! 🙂