the radio on friday seemed saturated with ever-more desperate pleas for people to run out and get vaccinated against the flu. “if you haven’t already, do it NOW!”

why the sudden push? well, aside from the normal realization that, once again the big pharmaceutical companies have produced too much vaccine and now must dump it somewhere (i.e. into your bloodstream) or face a loss of profits as the excess vaccine goes to waste, i think there may be other factors at play.

granted, i am not a doctor or a medical researcher, and that just might make me even more qualified to think straight about why things happen, because i don’t have an agenda to peddle or a tightly controlled group of peers who will censor me and censure me if i deviate from their party line…

according to the CDC, this year’s flu outbreak is hitting earlier than in past years and in more states than in past years. people they interviewed on the radio complained of suffering horrible bouts of flu that lasted from 5-7 days, when i know that the flu used to be a 2-3 day thing. so what’s up?

could it have anything to do with the fact that THEY ARE INJECTING THE FLU INTO PEOPLE???????

uh, duh.

when you introduce a live virus into a population, do you really wonder that it hits earlier when you are the ones who introduce it earlier?

when you mix up combinations that don’t occur naturally, are you surprised that these new combinations are more brutal and more virulent than the ones that occur spontaneously? if you put multiple strains together into one vaccine and create a super-virus, and then inject that into someone who then carries it around in the population, is it a big shocker that this new mutation is way worse than a straight flu that people used to get and shake off after 24 or 48 hours?

it’s in more states than past years? how surprisinging, since every chain store from groceries to pharmacies to clinics offer flu shots. i’m frankly surprised you can’t get a flu shot at your local laundromat, but that just might be next. maybe in seattle they’ll start offering flu shots with your coffee shots; that just might be a winning combination- multiple drugs before your eyes are even fully open… but, truly, i believe that many people who are getting flu shots don’t have their eyes fully open anyway…

now, if you’ve had a flu shot, please don’t feel attacked. there are many reasons you may have done this, and i’m not here to judge you- i’m only here to judge the CDC and major pharmaceutical companies…

seriously, medicine and technology have their places, and honestly you need to make the decisions that are the right ones for you and your family.

all i’m saying is that if you do or if you don’t, please let it be a decision.

don’t go marching lockstep just because someone tells you to or because they play scary commercials on the radio. i don’t watch TV, but i imagine there is a similar advertising blitz there…

if you decide you need this shot, then go and get it. do your own research and do your own thinking. don’t be a victim of someone else’s agenda.

be your own advertisement for your own brain.