a few weeks ago, and now again, i feel like i may be at a bit of an impasse with myself. i sometimes question the direction i should be headed in with this blog, and whether i am doing the right thing with some of the statements that i make here. i question whether what i say makes a difference, and whether i missed the boat on what i could have/should have said last year. you know when people speak metaphorically that, “the ship has already sailed”? well sometimes that’s how i feel, and i wonder if i am just beating a dead horse. (how’s that for using the most clichés ever in one paragraph?!?!?!??! i think it’s a new personal record for me!) in any case, sometimes you get a message from an unlikely source, but the timing is just so striking that it can’t be a coincidence (well, technically and mathematically of course, it most certainly can be a coincidence, but i prefer to see the hand of Providence in these things, giving me a gentle tap on the shoulder- or sometimes a shove in the right direction…).

so, in my email inbox was the natural news update from mike adams. and it was so chock full of thoughts that i felt could have been written directly to me- giving me exactly the inspiration or courage or whatever that i am needing- that i didn’t know whether to scream or to cry. here are some of my favorites:

It takes a rare, courageous individual to say, “I’m going to print the truth  even if I lose every single reader or viewer. I’m going to tell the truth  regardless of whether it is understood or even popular.”


One of my deepest secrets of success may also be the most surprising: I simply  have no attachment whatsoever to the size of my readership. If I lost 100% of  all our readers, I would still publish my own articles because it is important  for me — at a spiritual level — to speak the truth even if no one reads it.  This complete detachment from any sort of emotional investment in the opinions  or approval of others is truly one of the greatest secrets of success I’ve ever  embraced.


Never think you’re alone. Telling the truth can feel lonely, but you’re  actually in good company. Many people are thinking what you’re saying, even if  they don’t have the courage to say it themselves.


Grasp the responsibility and ethics of obtaining a position of influence. The  bigger your audience, the deeper your obligation to make sure you’re getting  your stories straight and empowering others with real information


We have all discovered that speaking out is like the symphony of our souls: We  cannot live as fulfilled souls unless we do everything in our power to uplift,  inform and protect our fellow brothers and sisters across this planet. We tell  the truth because doing so is the driver of our very existence in this realm. It  is who we are, and we will not be silenced.

Learn more:  http://www.naturalnews.com/038192_truth-telling_courage_new_media.html#ixzz2E9OhtmbO

i think that what he says is so true and so beautiful- especially the last one…

and one more time, here is a somewhat shameless (which is obviously somewhat shameful, or i wouldn’t have said that, right?) plug for a cause that i really really believe in. just DO IT ALREADY so i can get off your case 🙂   :