i am heartened to see that you are responding to the challenge and picking up the gauntlet.

someone rightly pointed out that many good organizations already exist to do much of what we want to accomplish. so rather than reinvent many small wheels, why not partner with them to get a big ball rolling?

why not reach out to them and ask them to join with us to get the word out about what we want to do?

what is our aim?

simply put, we would like people to plant food.

if they can plant in the front, that’s great and ideal.

not everyone has sun or space or ability to plant in the front, and that’s ok- this isn’t about guilt or recrimination. but planting in the front sends a message:

food isn’t dirty. growing it isn’t a shameful secret that has to be done in private like dog fighting or slave trading. growing food is beautiful and nurturing and life-giving and by you doing it where people can see it, you inspire them and empower them and show them that they can do it too. you give them a priceless gift. you don’t just give the man a fish; you teach him how to fish for himself and his family and his community.

we would like people to find seeds that are organic if they can, and non-GMO if they can. again, we are not bullies or fear-mongers. but we care about the plants and the soil and we care about the independence that being about to save our own seeds brings us. we care about the integrity of our food supply and the goodness of the nutrients in what we eat. education is persuasive; fear is coercive and counterproductive. there is plenty of information out there and knowledge is power. let’s give some power back to the people where it rightly belongs. let’s be a vehicle for positive change.

let’s make choices ourselves that show people what is possible. when i went to the mother earth news fair i heard speaker after speaker tell how they made their dreams a reality by taking one step at a time. nobody told stories about waking up one day and transforming their lives; rather, they made one small step at a time, always guided by the principles they believed in, and always believing in what was possible and not letting the naysayers crash down their dreams. and one day they looked back at the ground they had covered and were able to say, “wow! look how far i’ve come!” so too with this. whether it’s setting up rain barrels or making an herb garden on your apartment balcony or composting your table scraps or making yourself a presence at your local city council meetings to lobby for getting chickens allowed in town- find a project that inspires you to take some steps. time is going to pass either way, and you’ll either be that much closer to your dream or just that much older. so why not have something to show for  those extra days on earth? wouldn’t you like to have something to look back on and be proud of? who wouldn’t like to leave a legacy? and if that legacy happens to be a great pickle homemade recipe to hand down to your grandchildren- well let’s just say that i would be quite envious! 🙂

so here’s the deal: there are a bazillion people out there who care about biodiversity and sustainability and gardening and organics and food integrity and the like. you can find them as easily as you can find a 20% off coupon for shipping to your favorite store. there are professors at almost every major university (and some not so major), there are magazines galore (mother earth news and grit are two that i subscribe to, but i have gotten backwoods home and hobby home farm. i’m sure there are other great ones out there as well…). there are people like ivette soler, and will allen, and joel salatin, and michael pollan, and rosalind creasy (not sure about the spelling of her name), and please provide your personal favorites here too!- and then there are the blogs and websites out there that are too numerous to list, but that i am happy to write about and happy to blog about if you will tell me about them- so for the next part of my challenge… will you do some of the legwork and reach out to them?

will you each agree to take a few moments from your busy lives and contact one or two of these people or places and ask them if they will help us spread the word about the garden spring 2013?

we have narrowed the focus to just asking people to agree to plant a garden. we will be rewriting the original statement (if dave hasn’t already) to reflect that, so it will be simple and straightforward.

i believe in you and i believe in me and i believe in the people out there to help us get it done.

the network is there; we just have to access it.

and for that, i need your help.

no one person can do this alone, but together we have exponential power.

we have seen before how a pebble can create a tidal wave.

let’s be that tidal wave of good.

i know you are out there.

the only person you are accountable to is yourself.

oh, and everybody else on the planet.

no pressure.