here is my challenge to all of you who may read this blog with varying degrees of interest:

for some of you planing a garden will be too big of a commitment. (i will post on this soon, though, so be forewarned 😉  )

for some of you, signing up for the garden spring will be too frightening (for whatever reason, the infowars website will skeeve you out, or you won’t want your info to be on another site or whatever- although i really really encourage you to get over that and take the plunge!).

for some of you, buying seeds and gifting them to a friend will just not “feel” right, and you won’t want to do it (although, again, this is such a small way to do such a great thing- i say why not?).

for some of you, you just prefer to sit on the sidelines and read what others say or think, and that’s cool up to a point, but here’s the real deal:

food is the real deal.

we all have to eat.

whether we like it or not, food connects us to everything that is Important (and please note my use of a capital letter, because it is intentional and important too).

from the air we breathe to the water we drink to the soil we need to grow the food that in the future will sustain us (if we are careful and responsible), food touches every area of our lives.

if we are lackadaisical about our food and where it comes from, that has consequences that will come back to bite us.

folks, that’s scary and i hate it, but it’s true.

i wish it wasn’t the case, but it is.

if we don’t step up and take some responsibility for our food, we will end up regretting it.

hopefully, we will only regret it in small ways, like in little health complaints (and i have plenty, so i’m not all “clean eating” and preachy to you all. believe me- i’m not some holier-than-thou macrobiotic vegan who wants you to drink organic wheat grass juice. nuh uh. in fact, for much of my life, taco bell was my favorite food group, and that’s the unvarnished truth. currently i still have to work hard to convince myself that chocolate does not have enough protein to get me through a day. so i fight the good fight along with you, okay?)

sometimes i lay awake at night afraid from things i read about ways that we might regret it in bigger ways, from  concerns about peak oil, to GMOs, to adulterated food scares, to all kinds of other food messes that makes me scared out of my wits.

and i get paralyzed.

i just read a great article by michael pollan, which i will share with you soon, about what to do in the face of that paralysis.

but here’s what i propose you do now:

i propose you forward some links.

they don’t have to be to this blog or to the garden spring page (although i think that would be awesome!).

but i have seen my kids do it, and i know how easy it is for you tech-savvy people to do this stuff.

so find a garden blog or web page or a site that inspires you in a way that motivates you to actually DO something and get the word out.

and whether you can commit to just buying ONE thing from a local farmer, or planting just ONE thing of your own or buying just ONE thing less that is processed and junky or taking on just ONE project that will conserve a resource or trying to impact just ONE person a day in a positive way…

can you take up the gauntlet?

are you up to the challenge?

can you stop moving your eyes and start moving your fingers?

can you move your heart and mind?

dynamic dave cared enough to start a fabulous project and to try to start a snowball rolling.

i hope with my whole self that he succeeds in getting people to get other people to get other people to get other people to get other people…

because i know that one person planting a garden can plant the seeds of change and that one person can make a real difference.

and my challenge to you is to be that next person…