dynamic dave is hard at work, trying to make the garden spring campaign a success. this is a project i can really get behind, and i have put a link to it on the righthand side of this blog. additionally, i have spoken to a few people about it, and i really hope they will help me to spread the word! dave has set up a “mission” for the garden spring, that, in addition to the planting of a garden, people will take one more step. i will let you read about it below, and you can see if it perks your interest.

i am going to buy my seeds from botanical interests (www.botanicalinterests.com) – they are a family owned company, and in the interest of full disclosure, i will tell you that i know of them because the owner sent me a wonderful gift package of free seeds way back when in a show of support when the whole garden mess was happening in oak park. he reached out to me in friendship when he had nothing at all to gain, and he was a constant friend throughout. their seeds are high quality and beautifully packaged- organic and non-GMO, and i would love to send business their way if i can. so, i will take dave up on his “mission” challenge and i hope you do too. and in a few days, i will post a “mission” of my own, so stay tuned… but, without further ado, here is dave’s mission, in his own words…

At least a dozen people signed up and joined the group at planet.infowars.com however, it seems no one has yet made a commitment to the first mission, and, I must admit it is a little confusing as to how you navigate the features and tools at the site to even know what the mission(s) are or how to use the network. That is my own shortfall to some extent but I have submitted a request to Alex Jones asking that he produce a tutorial video on “how to.” Let’s not wait for that though… I can let everyone know that once you are joined up and at the group, there is a menu of options just below the header one of which is called “Missions” and also that YOU too can create missions, etc. at the group page!

The first simple mission I put out there I figured will create some valuable good will this holiday season as well as (hopefully) spark interest and growth (pun accepted) to the group. Consider it a gift giving challenge of sorts also, and, again in Julie’s honor. The mission goes like this:

“Seeds to Plant” Commit to giving organic seeds for Christmas (or holidays) 2012

Due Date: December 20, 2012 at 7:00 am Description: This mission is for all those who join this group and the “Garden Spring 2013″ movement to commit to giving organic seeds to at least one person this Christmas (or holiday season) as a gift and to encourage that person to join the group and plant a “Julie Bass Garden Spring 2013″ victory garden with those seeds, and, for those who give the gift of “seeds to plant” to complete this mission by making a short video of the seeds, how you wrap them and the reaction of the recipients to post on youtube and here in the group forum.

Location: Anywhere on the planet

So… as the numbers increase in the group so should the people receiving awesome non-GMO seeds for Christmas, and, the idea is for hose seeds to make their way into the ground this spring. But no one else has accepted the mission but me… cry. (not yet any way) Well enough taking over Julie’s blog. lol You all will need to go find out what the second mission is on your own! Here is the link in case you missed it: http://planet.infowars.com/groups/julie-bass-garden-spring-2013/home/