how cool is this?

a loyal and wonderful blog reader posted this in the comment section, and i have reposted it here. in addition to being super flattered, i think it is an incredible idea, and i really do hope you will all share it around. i went over and joined the group, and i hope that you also will and you will urge others to as well.

Ok people here we go… There is a new group at *************************************** Julie Bass Garden Spring 2013


Julie Bass paved the way in history for a global movement we are starting here at planet.infowars:The Julie Bass Garden Spring 2013 movement is officially underway. In addition to calling for planting “garden spring victory gardens” every where in spring 2013, we shall help here, efforts to draft and propose federal legislation permitting private cultivation of non GMO foods as a national right in the USA. ***************************************** Please people, get active beyond just reading blogs and join this group and the social network at  so you can join in and further the victory of Julie Bass as well as help others gather the information and courage to make these changes we keep talking about needing here and everywhere.

The network membership is entirely free and privacy protected and we need to support one another though such measures and keep the energy flowing. Make the Julie Bass victory a living example and continued success. Please, just go there, sign up and check it out. The possibilities are endless and it is all up to us to reshape the world.

By now people are realizing that the “yes we can” ideal translates in the political reality to “no they won’t” when it comes to expectation of politicians and such… we must transcend that barrier of truth into “yes we will” and take these matters into our own hands when seeking transformation.

Ask yourself this… What will the world look like by the harvest season in 2013 if (and they will with your effort o encourage them) just a few million people plant a Julie Bass Victory Garden of Non-GMO foods in the “Garden Spring” of 2013? And what impact & statement will it make to the Monsanto’s of the Corporate world when by 2014 everyone is doing it to try and avoid the toxins and poisons in those modified substances they are forcing on the population?

The group and the movement await you, get involved, share ideas, create local missions and sow the seeds you wish to eat in the world. Peace