so, first of all, i’ve been spelling his name wrong all along. it should have been h-e-l-v-e-n-s-t-o-n. apologies to him and his wife; i know how frustrating it is when people get basic details like that wrong…

second, i asked him to read the letter i posted a while back, and asked him if he would add or change anything, and he said he would add the following paragraph:

In October 2012 the Helvenston Family were ordered to remove their front yard vegetable garden, “Front yard must be restored to its original configuration and ground covers restored.”  The City claimed ground cover violations then ruled that the vegetable garden was agriculture and only allowed it in the rear yard where there is no sun.  The Code has still not changed.

jason and jennnifer are very passionate about this issue and want to continue to fight to have this issue in the forefront of people’s minds. they don’t want it to slip away and become just so much static in the background until the next person gets zinged when such a basic freedom is at issue.

i said this before but i will reiterate: you don’t have to wait for this to come up. you can drive this. ask about the status of front yard gardens in your area (do it anonymously if you are concerned about putting yourself on your code enforcement’s radar). write letters to local media. call into local talk shows. bring it up in conversations. why not talk about it? what do you have to lose?

if you know about successful front yard gardeners regulations in your are, please let me know and i will pass them on. let’s try to build some momentum, even though it seems like nobody is thinking about this too much in november…

but maybe this is the ideal winter project. while the dirt is asleep our keyboards can be awake.

we can at least try, right?