in my quest to feel better and live better, i am horrified to notice that one of my grandest pleasures in life makes me feel truly awful.

and that, dear friends, is coffee.

i didn’t make coffee’s acquaintance until i was well into adulthood, and even then, i only drank it in a rather childish way: lots of milk and about 6 teaspoons of sugar. you may remember me waxing rather rhapsodic about the coffee cooladas from dunkin donuts in detroit (i realized just how much i miss them when i went back for my son’s wedding over the summer), and i haven’t found anything near as good to take their place in my heart.

for the last few years i have been drinking general foods international coffees (now called maxwell house international coffees)- hardly an adult beverage still, but yummy enough to start the day with a bit of caffeine and lots of sugar. they suppress the appetite and give me a kick start.

but they also make me feel like crud.

after starting back on real food after my recent extended hiatus one of the first things i was looking forward to getting reacquainted with was my daily morning coffee. it’s a small thing, but it makes me so happy to sip it for the first hour or so as it cools down and i know i am really treating myself to something outstanding.

but as i read on another blog- and this was a real “aha!” thing for me to read and then say in my mind over and over: you do not need to give yourself food treats; you are not a dog.

wow, huh?

so after the third day in a row that i had my delicious coffee and then felt really sick and nauseated and draggy within a few hours i just couldn’t deny it: my coffee was making me feel awful.

oh, rats.

if i want to have integrity about this whole diet thing, and if i want to start turning around the way my family eats, i have to get real about the consequences of what i ingest.

and i think it might have to start with my beloved coffee.

but it made me feel so adult.

and it made me feel so pampered.

and everybody else is doing it.


yeah that does sound as weak as it sounds.

so guess what?

it’s time for some new and better habits.

today i’m going to celebrate by taking my daughter out to the indian buffet.

because i may not be a dog who needs food treats, but i’ll admit that i’m not quite there yet πŸ˜‰