there was a man who was worried that he was losing his identity because he lived in a society where everyone was judged based on what he wore, what he owned, etc. everyone was always looking at everyone else to see his latest acquisitions, and to see if he measured up. before leaving the house each day, it was super important to check the mirror to make sure that every aspect of his outfit would pass muster with anyone who might be encountered on the street. each piece of each outfit was constantly under scrutiny, and since that’s all that mattered, it mattered a lot.

one day when he went to his local health club, he had a bright idea. before he went into the showers, he would tie a red string on his toe so he could tell himself apart from everyone else.

but as he stood in the soapy water, the string somehow washed off of his foot and onto the toe of someone in the next stall.

as he climbed out of the shower, he looked down and frowned.

he said to the man next to him, “i know who you are, but who am i?”