is censorship ever a good thing?

in ray bradbury’s novel farenheit 451, books are burned, and it’s made out to be a creepy totalitarian overbearing thing.

451 degrees farenheit, incidentally, is the temperature at which paper will burn.

but what is the temperature at which a blog will burn?

what is the temperature at which the internet will go up in flames?

because, as you know, once you put something Out There, it will be there For Ever.

so if i say i had a crush on billy idol, that’s o.k. (and true).

if i say my daughter’s name is annabelle, that’s probably o.k. (although false).

but what if i say my friend is a b-i-t-c-h?

while politically incorrect, it is also highly subjective. it is clearly an opinion, and can vary from person to person and from day to day. it may be true on monday, when we are fighting, and may make me wish i had never said it by thursday when we are best buddies again.

or it may end our friendship and i may stand by it forever, but her next best friend will think it is completely untrue.

her husband may think it is totally true, but will never say it out loud. her co-worker may understand where i’m coming from, and another backstabbing friend may agree with me when she’s talking to me but then agree with her when she’s talking to her.

so what’s my point?

my point is that a subjective statement is just that. it’s a subjective statement. it doesn’t claim to be pure reality. it doesn’t claim to be set in stone. anyone with any common sense will be able to tell the difference between the following:

1. this is a $5 bill.

2. chocolate ice cream is yummy.

so what happens when someone is repeatedly threatened by your opinions? what happens when someone you care about, and someone you are beholden to, asks you to censor your opinions?

it’s farenheit 9/7/2012.

in lots of movies- you’ll know the ones i refer to, because they are the ones with epic battle scenes the second to the hero will ask the hero if he wants to die in this battle or live to fight another day. but what i sometimes wonder is if it’s an equally worthwhile goal to live just to live another day.

what if there is no battle to fight?

what if there is no glory and no heroic struggle?

what if there is no great purpose and no nobility and no greater good, and you are sacrificing the battle just for the sake of going on to go on another day?

what if something beautiful and poetic and dramatic is silenced just because?

sometimes you are so busy gazing at what’s in the water and along comes a bunch of ripples and you are so busy being aggravated that your picture got distorted that you don’t realize that those ripples are caused by a distant sinking ship.

does that even  make any sense at all?

on friday i had a super brief post and i said that sometimes i write things that are meaningful only to myself and someone got super offended by that.

sometimes you write things that strike a chord with someone else and sometimes you strike a nerve.

sometimes you hit the mother lode.

and sometimes you find out what it takes to burn down the blog.