yesterday i tie dyed with the kids.

i bought the supplies over the summer back when i was feeling optimistic about “camp mommy”, and the t-shirts, rubber bands, and rit dye boxes have been sitting in a lonely bucket in a corner ever since.

there’s nothing quite like an undone art project in a dirty bucket to make you feel like a failure as a fun mom. so while *h takes the kids kayaking, swimming, and to a friend’s beach house, i mostly stay home and do laundry.

i’m the backbone of the operation, but he’s the glory.

but yesterday that all changed.

i mixed the dyes and added salt. i shlepped the buckets outside onto the concrete (i said i was fun, but i’m not a lunatic!), and gave the kids more rubberbands than they could ever use in a single lifetime.

i consulted on the designs but didn’t interfere (yes, me!).

and those kids tie dyed the heck outta those shirts!

i dragged my drying rack outside, and my clothespins, and my extra patience (that i keep for just such emergencies).

and the kids had good old fashion, not clean, loosely organized fun.

today they unbanded the shirts, and they are even cooler than we thought they’d be!

so, go my kids!

and go me!

because in spite of being sometimes too uptight,

and in spite of being sometimes a bit on the shrew-y side,

and in spite of erring on the side of almost always being utilitarian to the point of boring to tears,

i did a fun project that every one of my kids enjoyed!

so take that world!