after numerous fruitless attempts to outsmart my computer and paste an article here, and then numerous fruitless attempts to paste the link to the article here, i will just share some good news with you. (the article can be found at a site called boingboing- thanks to becky for pointing it out!)

remember the case in drummondville, quebec (canada)? it was the latest of the known assaults on a front-yard garden, and after first ordering the garden destroyed, the local council then decided the homeowners could keep up the garden- but only until september 1st… so in a stunning bow to ‘let’s wait until public outcry dies down and then make the family kill their garden’ the clock was kind of ticking away to september 1…

tick tock, tick tock…

and then…boom!

the town officials called together a special session where they decided not only to permit the garden to stay, but to draft guidelines that would specifically permit such gardens by other people in the future.


so folks the world over are looking optimistically toward little drummondville, quebec to see how they can guide us toward the future.

and another couple who just wanted to feed their family some healthy produce is at the vanguard of the food revolution.

in a nod to, “it’s always darkest before the dawn,” and that sort of thing- here we are (wherever that is), and out of the clear blue sky comes a precedent (perhaps?).  just when it’s useful to have something to lean on that says, “hey world! growing food is a good thing! and it can be beautiful! and municipalities might want to encourage it for a whole bunch of reasons!”

we’ll see what they come up this, but in the mean time, pssst- pass it on!