wouldn’t that be a good title for a post where i “borrowed” content from another blog?

that was my intention today. i was going to check around on friends’ blogs and snatch up a post that caught my attention and repost it here (with permission, of course…). but, as the hours tick by and i become more and more busy, i think the likelihood of that happening are getting slimmer and slimmer.

why i am busy today?

oh yeah, that might help explain the other inspiration for the title of this post…

because we are getting ready to go to detroit for my son’s wedding in a few days! 🙂  🙂  🙂

and no, i am not at all blue!

i’m not sure if i will have internet access where we are staying, and i’m not sure what i will be juggling when we get into town (likely it will be rush-rush-rush alternating with periods of hurry-up-and-wait) but i may not be on the blog for a few days and i don’t want you to worry…

so, send me good wishes for avoiding stalkers, please!

and send me good wishes for not getting sick(er), please!

and feel free to send my son and his awesome bride-to-be any good wishes you would like, and i will happily pass them on!