in case you aren’t familiar with “round-up ready” products, i’ll give you a brief overview: seeds are genetically modified to withstand doses of the poison called round-up. that way farmers can dump this toxic substance liberally all over their fields and it will kill off all the weeds and the plants they are trying to grow from the “round-up ready” seeds will continue to grow, unfazed by the poison.

some people, i find, are rather like this. you can try to stop them, but like genetically modified freaks, they don’t respond in the way they should. they are like the cockroaches of the earth; they will just keep crawling in your face,  never stopping when normally activity would cease.

what the heck am i talking about?

what is this incomprehensible rant?

that is a very valid question and it deserves an answer.

i’m talking about a certain pedophile who continues to plague my life.

and he continues for some reason to skulk around on this blog.

that’s right. i said it.

a sick nasty child molester, who has gotten away with inflicting damage on numerous children, refuses to take hints and simply will not go away or stop his vile actions.

he has managed to avoid trouble with the law so far by not leaving tangible evidence of his crimes, but i am fairly convinced that a strong dose of vigilante justice will be headed his way pretty soon.

the same childish lack of self control that prevents him from keeping his hands to himself apparently also keeps him on this blog and compels him to email me and a slew of other people who have told him unequivocally to leave them alone.

sick scum of the earth that he is, though, he continues to run his own agenda at the expense of other people, because in his world, only his own feelings count.

what to do about such a person?

he rationalizes his awful deeds and downplays the tragedies he causes.

he is a virtual stalker who deserves every bad thing that is coming his way (and i’m sure there are many).

he has no impulse control and refuses to cease and desist.

the name is in the tip of my fingers, just begging to spill out onto the keyboard as i type.

the urge to publicly out him is just so strong…

i think that will have to be my next move if he doesn’t TAKE THE HINT ALREADY…