if you know why i titled the post this way, chances are, you are in our address book or our personal email account…

and chances are, we should apologize to you.

i have just returned from a long and lovely trip to california, and our email has been invaded again, multiple times. this time not only sending out such gems as a  plea from *h asking for money to get him home from the Philipines (rest assured, he is very much safely at home), but also totally wiping out our entire address book.

ho hum.

so, i know this will not totally fix that, but i am now attaching a public email to this blog. if you used to be in our contacts, please email me so i can add your address back into our list. if you ever want to check in and just say hey, please feel free to check in using this address. it is:

thegardenrenegade at gmail.com

as always, feel free to post comments on the blog- i love getting feedback here, and it is easy and accessible. also, i think i will see it more often here than i will see the email.

that’s all for now, but i hope to post later and catch you up soon on all the fun happenings of the last week or so.

toodles 😉