for the first time in over a decade, i now have my own email address.

i know, that sounds weird, doesn’t it?

let me explain.

our email has been compromised (sorry, but i don’t know the exact term…), twice in the last few weeks.

the first time it sent out a relatively benign ad for some money-making scam, which i’m hoping nobody took seriously.

the second time it sent out some sort of “obscene things” which a friend alerted us to. not sure what that was, but big oops, and lots of apologies to you if you received that email.

really, actually big apologies to you if you received either of those. they were not from us, and we didn’t mean to lead you astray.

now our email will not let us send emails without an authentication, which would be really great because it would in theory eliminate spam coming from our account- except that it doesn’t actually let you do the authentication and then it disappears your email forever.

but that only happens some of the time.

but i have a low frustration threshold for technology issues, so i’m hoping this clean slate approach will work better for me.

so, i am hoping to send out my new address soon-ish (read: after i clean the bathrooms and cross off at least a few other higher priority items from the to-do list).

in other news, i have a rough draft of the letter i want to start sending out to congress-folk in hopes of getting someone to sponsor a bill protecting people who want to grow their own food- even if it’s GASP in the front yard. i’m hoping to post it here and get your feedback before i send it. yeah, i really was serious about that 😉

stay tuned…