let’s say i wanted to stir up a pot?

let’s say that pot contained a little bit of freedom and a dash of renegade.

suppose we added a generous heap of property rights and a healthy amount of respect for individuals who care enough to be part of a solution.

dare to suspend your disbelief long enough to dream with me.

let’s suppose we could find just the right people to get behind some radical notions.

like the idea that it’s ok to have a garden in your front yard.

even one that grows organic veggies.

who in politics do you think would get behind a bill that protects people like me, and adam guerrero, and the guy in missouri, and that poor poor lady in tulsa who want to have front yard gardens?

because dynamic dave and good ole grant and janet too- you all touched on a darn good idea!

and i think i would LOVE to run with it!

and i think i would LOVE to get back in contact with mike adams and his crew, and even make some new contacts (maybe glen beck and his ilk?) and spread the word if this looks like a project that could pick up steam…

so who do YOU think is worth getting in contact with?

if you supply the names, and give me some inkling as to why you think they would get behind it, i will get in touch with them and report back to you about what they say…

(and please PLEASE can someone get it up on the facebook page that i would love to hear from them on this, but they will have to come over to the blog if they want me to see their comments and be able to respond- thanks!!!)