that’s what my fortune said from my cookie the last time *h took me on a date.

that was a week ago and my admirer still hasn’t come forward.

perplexing, huh?

i don’t think i’m that intimidating, so maybe my admirer is really just that shy.

so here is an open invitation to greet me.

unless you are a creepy stalker type.


on a sort of different, but still somewhat egocentric note, i’ve been reading through my old blog posts for a project i’m working on. if you haven’t been here since the beginning (or even if you have!) i want to invite you to do the same.

cuz not to sound all haughty, but a lot of my early blog posts are pretty darn good…

i forgot that i used to be really witty…

i forgot that i used to be light-hearted…

i forgot that i used to be a lot of things, but it’s really worth remembering!

i’m starting at the beginning, and working my way back up. this is not a project for the feint-of-heart, nor for the very busy. but it is something that i think you’ll enjoy very much. it’s a stroll down memory lane with lots of dear old friends.

because of course i also re-read all of the comments, which made me want to send out lots of emails saying, “hey, what ever happened to you? i really enjoyed having you on the blog!”

but that seemed kind of creepy stalkerish of me, so i didn’t…

if you come across any posts that you particularly like, i’d really love to know. i can’t tell you why yet, but i could definitely use the feedback.

it could be kind of like seinfeld, and we could do a post about posts…

we could write about writing…

we could talk about talking…

but now you know i’m just rambling 😉

you guys know me so well  🙂

seriously- i really want to know- which posts resonated with you and why?

which posts did you especially like?

it’s coming up to the one year anniversary of my first court date- can you believe it?

i think we should do something awesome on this blog to celebrate, but i’m totally clueless as to what.

any suggestions?