here are some pics, courtesy of my daughter and her new camera, showing off the girls having fun in the sun ๐Ÿ™‚

on a suggestion from the chicken whisperer, pat foreman, i added some wood ashes to their favorite dust-bath spot and they seem to be really loving it!

also on the happy chicken front, i received an email back from her regarding my questions about our dog (dakota) coexisting peacefully with the chux. and she offered to call me so we could discuss it!

this proves several things:

1- even famous people are sometimes humble enough to give you some of their time;

2- even people who owe you nothing at all, and who have every right to be too busy for you and to completely blow you off can be surprisingly kind;

3- pat foreman is pretty darn cool! ;

4- she believes that there is enough hope with the dog/chicken situation to have a conversation about it. otherwise, i assume she would have just said something like, “yeah. sounds like she is a typical husky. too bad. so sad. get rid of either the dog or the chickens. have a nice life.” so, i remain ever optimistic…

on a separate but related note, i overheard her telling someone at the now famous mother earth news fair that the reviews of her book on really do matter and help her out. so, even if you can’t afford to buy her books and you read them from the library, perhaps you could stop by amazon (i’m not sure if this is “kosher” , and i am absolutely NOT encouraging you to do something wrong- so if this is playing the system, please let me know) and give her books some positive feedback. again, here is the link for the one i think is the most relevant for backyard homestead types like me:

as always, i will keep you posted about any advice i get, so stay tuned!