throughout the garden episode i had opportunities to “meet” (sometimes in real life, sometimes only tangentially) some very remarkable people. some were men, and i’d love to talk about them another time, but some were women. i don’t know why, but after decades of feminism, it still strikes me especially cool that this would be the case.

i remember seeing comments on this blog from a “mary jane girl” from mary jane’s farm magazine (the actual real magazine!) – and almost unbearably wow- a comment from the actual jane evershed.

so it happens to be that i am not artsy. and it happens to be that i do not love most art. nor do i know a lot about art. i love precisely one salvador dali, one van gogh, one seurat, and the ideas behind warhol.

but i own art from jane evershed. and i bought myself a set of notecards from jane evershed.  i loved her in my 20s when i was a radical and i love her today. i bought gifts for my sister and gifts for my friends of jane’s work.  i had a framed picture- the only framed thing on my entire bedroom wall- by (guess who?) jane evershed. and it now hangs in my livingroom. and she dropped by this blog.

trip out, huh?

flash into real life. i knew some pretty cool women in detroit. i am related to some pretty cool women in detroit. i grew up with some cool girls who grew up into cool women who now live all over the place.

but now that i live in seattle, i have stepped into a whole new dimension of cool women.

these are women who i would normally assume would be way too cool for me.

these are women who would normally intimidate my extra warm socks off.

but here in this alternate reality that is seattle, they are my friends.


some of these people i met from this blog. they have reached out to me and offered their support or their friendship in one way or another, and even if i haven’t been great with follow-up, these people have been great and generous in their offers.

i can just pick up the phone and call them. some folks i email. and they email back. humph. not sure what i did to deserve that, but there ya go. good karma, i guess.

here in seattle i can casually name drop that i spoke to so-and-so, and they don’t think it’s at all odd that i actually spoke to so-and-so, since they all speak to each other, but i’m like, “are you KIDDING?!?!?!? ____________________ is my FRIEND!!!!!!!!”

sometimes i want to just say it for shock value, but they all think it’s normal to just be friends with these totally amazing people, so they’re like, yes, of course they are your friends… and?

sometimes i literally will look at my cell phone or my email list and see certain numbers or contact info  and just chuckle that i even have this info- because i feel like i should have to go through a PR firm or something to get to these folks.

but in seattle, you can just call them. no pretense.

one of these women told me that i judge people too favorably. she thinks i give her way too much credit. she is kind of taken aback that i think so highly of her. i’m like, “are you kidding? do you even know yourself?” she has no idea that i struggle so much with the opposite problem. that i try so hard not to underjudge people. that with lots of people i have to work really hard to see redeeming qualities at all.

but she is wow to be around and she is one of many in seattle.

i just got off the phone with another one of them.

seattle is teeming with them.

and i’m going now to put yet another one of them to bed 😉

good night 🙂