after a long day of trepidation (should i check the blog? there will probably be lots of people who were critical of my last post. i should have been more articulate. i should have said things more clearly. i didn’t really make the point i was trying to make and people probably misunderstood it. i hope i don’t have too many people who were put out. i hope it didn’t come off as too self-deprecating, because that was so not what i was going for. maybe i should re-write it. maybe i should delete it altogether. sigh.), i checked the blog and found, not only nice comments, but this gem which i am arrogant enough to re-post here because it make me happy:

from katherine:

Third, my new motto – living in a  F.U.N. way.  Future focused without fear, understanding the viewpoint of others and with a noble purpose.  Now pause a moment, you are my hero – you did face city hall with a noble purpose?, your stopping to think about your child and dog’s view point is very “other viewpoint” and ya moved out west – that’s pretty future focused.  I know blogs are a way to talk aloud to regain a sense of mission.  Please trust your past is proof of what’s ahead.  It’s the people who don’t pause to think about their eating habit and kids that have the problem in the long run.  Wishing you fun!


i actually got on the computer tonight to print out the schedule for the mother earth news fair in puyallup, washington tomorrow. i have been planning for months to go and hear joel salatin speak and tomorrow is the big day. only i have been spending the last 48 hours totally psyching myself out about all the reasons i really can’t go.

so this will be a real test for me to see if i can take a big-girl pill and get myself to the fair.

wish me luck and stay tuned!