don’t be envious, but apparently, they have gone to my backyard 🙂

in a stroke of pure genius- clearly anticipating that they would one day sell their house to a clod who knows nothing about succession planting- the previous owners of this house planted a gajillion bushes that all flower in various colors and at various times.

what does this mean to us?

this means that on any given day, my backyard is a constantly changing kaleidoscope of color. the palate literally changes from day to day, and sometimes it seems like from hour to hour, and i am having such fun with all of this explosion of unexpected color that i often forget these things are flowers and just stare- mouth agape (not too attractive, and what’s that about anyway? why do folks do that when their attention is absorbed? like if i concentrate on something my brain forgets to close the mouth? like that takes so much brain power normally? seriously- do any of you have theories on that???)- and then other family members come over and they stare too.

i imagine that early settlers of wherever used to do this, and i think i used to do this in the garden- just marvel at what was around. like- inhale breath- “wooooooooooooooooooooooooow.” exhale slowly. “this is sort of ours.” sharp inhale again. “woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow…”

so succession planting is something i have a lot of trouble with. i get the concept. i love the concept. i just can’t figure out how to make it work.

it shouldn’t be that hard, i know. i’m reasonably intelligent. find a crop that you harvest at a certain date and then plant something that can be planted at that later date and plant it. but i can’t get it right on paper. so i never sit down to do it.

so i never would actually have done these flowering bushes in the yard.

because whoever did it not only made sure that they were different colors, but they spread them around and they made sure that they would spring open and bloom so that there would always be something coming into color and something waiting to open and at least a few things in full bloom.

and that just leaves me in awe.

and it’s super pretty.

and i wish we could find a camera so we could put up some photos.

or i wish i knew artists because then not only could i pretentiously name-drop them here and say, “oh it looks just like a so-and-so”, but also i could paint you a mental picture.

but i can’t really.

i can tell you that there are lots of reds and some pinks. no oranges (yay! i really really don’t like orange…) lots of shades of the same color… lots of variations of green…HAH! i just went to look to tell you what else and today we have a full bush of purple- from nowhere- just like that! beat that! amazing!

imagine buying a house that meets your needs and keeps giving you gifts every day!

imagine every day being christmas morning!

i’ve already arranged with a friend that she will give me half the haul from her plum tree (yum!) in exchange for half the haul from our asian pear tree (which we don’t love as much)- so every time i look at that tree i literally see mason jars of jam in my storage area.

i’ve had another beat-your-head-against-the-wall multi-day migraine, so it’s mighty nice to look outside and remember all the blessings that have been showered on our family.

i hope you’ve had blessings showered on yours as well.



look what *h just emailed me- maybe we can even get a few more to really show off later!