just a quick update on our flock:

(how pretentious but how delightful to be able to casually drop the word “flock” into a conversation! 🙂   )

shnitzel nuggets is now being referred to mostly as “big mama”. my middle daughter started calling her that one day in jest and the name just kinda stuck. we have some covert egg layers, and youngest daughter reports that big mama is one of them. if true, this is very interesting news, since i kind of assumed that big mama was the granny of the flock. but you know what they say about assuming. and i guess this proves that looks can be deceiving. she reminds me a lot of aunt jemima, so i’m wondering if her eggs will taste like maple syrup (or like high fructose corn syrup?)… stay tuned…

petunia grant has probably healed as much as she will and i think she probably had a broken leg. i notice that when she stands (she will now put weight on both legs) one leg goes off on a decidedly pronounced angle. it makes her look like a ballerina with a permanently pointed toe waiting gracefully for her solo, and it cracks me up to see her standing around the yard. i almost want to put her in a tutu. ok, no almost about it. i really do want to put her in a tutu, but i’m holding myself back from making her the brunt of chicken bullying on the playground. but it’s really hard.

lacy and copper have taken to roosting on the door to the coop, so i’ll look out and just see them randomly perched there like ghetto hood ornaments. sometimes i want to get a can of gold spray paint and make them ghetto fabulous. but i don’t, cuz i’m a good mom like that. and i think copper has started laying eggs, which is strange for me because i still think of her as one of the babies. and now she is growing up. and hitting puberty. another teenager around. oh dear.

madge is a real character and will come right up on the porch when people come out of the house. i think she is under the impression that the front door is like a pez dispenser for chickens; when the door opens treats come out. of course, she wants to be first in line. which is really smart, but it is freaking out my kids, who think she is stalking them. they think porches are for humans, and for some reason it really really bothers them that she has violated this unwritten rule: “chickens shall not approach nor scale the holy heights of the porch. those who squawk must not climb steps. period.” so they do what all good kids do. they tattle. but the sad thing is that i think it is super cute that she has the moxy to go all alfred hitchcock. i love my kids, but as long as she’s not hurting anyone, i’m like, “go, madge!”

ginger crowcat has turned into a bit of a bully. i’m not sure how it happened, but she seems to really relish opportunities to henpeck lacy and copper. she makes ‘i’m in labor’ noises when she is laying eggs (my friend asked if that’s how chickens sound when they lay and i was like, um no- not at all.). so, she’s a bit of a diva too. it’s funny because she used to be more of just a yellow-y orange-y regular chicken color, but in an apparent attempt to out-pretty madge (who has a super pretty pattern of golds and reds and auburns on her back), she has gone all fall foliage. she has become the pageant princess chicken. who knew that by sheer force of will a chicken could make herself anew?  she likes to make drama, whether it’s around eating or pecking or sunbathing… so we have a real character on our hands.

and that brings us to diamond. diamond is getting ready for swimsuit season. although she eats the same food as the rest of the girls, and spends her days pecking around as much as any other chookie-pooh, she is a new slimmer version of herself. whereas she used to be a rather rotund ball of black-and-white, she is now a sleeky beeky possibly tweeky girl. she may be bulimic or she may be a secret meth user, but she’s dropped about 1/3 of her weight. this would be concerning, except that she seems to be in the prime of good health. she is spritely and spry. she has bright feathers and a spring to her step, and i wish i could get her diet secrets, but she isn’t telling. perhaps it’s the worms, or perhaps it’s the good-looking rooster who moved in down the street (shhhhhh- you can’t own roosters in seattle so we are trying not to notice. also, he lives in the opposite direction from where our girls free range. otherwise i would have to send *h to go lay down the smack with the rooster’s daddy. we don’t want any fertilized eggs, thank you…). anyhow, she is doing great and has turned from a snob to a darling before our very eyes.

all of the girls enjoyed some leftover pizza today (don’t even ask how embarrassed my kids were when i not only asked for a bag to take home the bits and pieces from their plates in the restaurant but then started ripping stuff into little tiny bits while they finished their sodas and got their coats on. why isn’t that moms can’t help but humiliate their offspring???? but this was not even intentional for real…). they are loving sweet potatoes so much that i am thinking of buying a case of them to bake on a more regular basis. i am avoiding giving them rice and oatmeal, and i’m cutting back on the amount of white potatoes i give them too, since all of that seems to not inspire good digestion, if you know what i mean. they devour plain yogurt, and today had cottage cheese for the first time- a big hit! they like milk, but aren’t crazy about it (i did think about giving them chocolate milk, but then came to my senses..).

i’m hoping to post new pics soon, but that will require the cooperation of at least one teenager, so wish me some luck.

and until then, happy chux!