not very funky at all, thank you very much 😉

but doing well- petunia included, who except for a slight limp is almost back to 100% happy chickenhood.

people keep asking me why we got chickens, and i find the question sort of perplexing.

at first i was just so excited i would go through the entire genesis of how it came to be that we finally got the chickens. but that wasn’t really the answer to the question.

then after a few times, i realized the question confused me; it was sort of like someone asking me why i decided to grow eyelashes. or how i decided to be five feet tall. some things just are. they come into being by a force of nature and you play the hand you’re dealt. us getting chickens feels like that kind of a thing. but then i remember that we didn’t have chickens in oak park- that we couldn’t have chickens in oak park- and it’s like trying to remember how your life was before you have children. you can remember in theory, but it’s not the same as really remembering how that life was…

so obviously at some time i made a concrete decision to actually buy the coop and find the chickens and go get them. they did not just spontaneously generate out of the soil, or evolve from amoeba (sorry darwinists)- i set this thing in motion, so i should be able to justify it, right?

well, the honest answer is maybe.

there are reasons i wanted chickens and reasons i got chickens, but those reasons don’t always seamlessly line up.

there are reasons i have chickens, and reasons i enjoy having chickens, but those reasons aren’t always the same.

it’s so cool that in seattle we can just have chickens, and it’s no big deal- just another seattle family doing their wacky thing. but ironic that as we’re in the groove of having the chickens, as we’re getting now about 3 eggs a day and our two youngest chux should start laying by the summer, some of our chux have turned into bandits and have started nibbling the neighbor’s flowers.

and these are not just any neighbors. these are nice neighbors.

these are close neighbors who we like and wave to every day. they are neighbors who we’d like to stay friends with.

so now we are trying to figure out how to constrain the chux while still giving the dogs some freedom and giving *h somewhat of a nice yard and giving the neighbors a nice flower garden and giving me chux and giving the family healthy fresh eggs…

no wonder i have migraines, huh?

anyhow, we are loving the chux (this is code for: i am loving the chux, *h is tolerating the chux with his normal good humour, the teenagers are mostly grossed out by the chux, my next son- the former chicken whisperer- is slunking around hoping i won’t ask him to do any chicken related chores, and my youngest is still giddy with collecting eggs…).

i still think getting and having them is a great thing. i’m intoxicated by having fresh eggs in my fridge and knowing at least most of what went into their making (minus, of course, the neighbor’s flowers and some treats they get when we aren’t looking like pancakes with another neighbor and various bugs and creepy crawlies they find around…).

last night *h ran around while they all chased him so they could get some cherry tomatoes and we sat in my window and watched. it was the most fun i’ve had in a good long time, and when our neighbor drove up, he thought so too 🙂

so the chickens have given us a source not only of protein and good omega 3s and 6s, but a source of laughter and smiles and stories and inspiration. they have cost us more than we initially thought, but i have grown to like them much more than i initially thought i would too.

did i ever think i would really and truly own chickens?

about as much as i thought i would put a veggie garden in my front yard.

and we all know how that turned out.


don’t be jealous about our chickens- be inspired! if you live somewhere that doesn’t allow chickens, maybe this should be your next project. for food safety and security they are a great deal. they are fairly low maintenance and fairly high return.

someone i met the other day was really surprised that i named my chickens. she was literally in a state of disbelief.

“you NAME your chickens?”

well duh.